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The Truth Will Set You Free

“The truth will set you free.  But first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem

Life’s Amazing-Everyone has a Story, but only some inspire love, faith and New beginnings.

Visit the Truth will set you free section and talk about your inner most secrets, desires,

and your feelings on the past, present and future.

Instead of being content as a member of Facebook and Twitter, Dianne Burnett – mother, wife and visionary – decided to create a social networking site that reflects the spiritual journey she embarked on while writing her memoir, The Road to Reality, and dealing with her mother’s futile battle against cancer. The result is The Other Side, which promotes conscious evolution and promises to revolutionize the industry for those seeking more out of life.

The Other Side takes members to a place previously unavailable in cyberspace. A lifestyle brand website that links people from all corners of the globe, it provides the space for self-empowerment, to share wisdom and affirmations and gain insight from a renowned inspirational team while its members enlighten, communicate with and support fellow members. Designed to connect people who seek to strengthen their relationships and nourish their mind, body and spirit, it is comprised of everyone from professionals to laymen and aims to compile the world’s largest collection of unsaturated truths as it makes a positive difference in lives worldwide.

“‘When my mom got sick, I felt my purpose in life,” says Burnett, who teamed with then-husband Mark Burnett to create Eco-Challenge, an expedition length adventure race held on location across five continents that broadcast to millions worldwide, and the U.S. version of Survivor, which kick-started America’s reality television show craze and went on to become the longest running and most lucrative reality TV series of all time. “I feel like this is my mission. I’ve never felt this way before but all of a sudden I have clarity on what I need to do.”

Several components make up The Other Side. The inspirational team consists of alternative medicine practitioners, psychic mediums and astrologers imparting their knowledge but one doesn’t need to know who Sylvia Browne is to take advantage of what The Other Side has to offer. It’s designed for any forward thinker interested in connecting with like minds. Topics range from being more eco to becoming more health conscious to being cognizant of the ripple effect you have on others, meaning being conscious of the way you talk to someone in the grocery store because your rude behavior could negatively affect the recipient for the rest of their day. There’s also a Dianne’s Corner where the Creative Energy Organizer (CEO) regularly shares what she’s reading and informs the community of what she’s recently learned. Live radio, television featuring ordinary people with extraordinary lives, a calendar of events and a national listing of practitioners are other highlights.

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