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Whole Food Supplements

The Other Side Shop

The Other Side Shop has whole food supplements and organic vitamins for men and women, probiotics and organic natural teas all at discount prices.

Basic Respiratory Package

1. Probiotic +
Dr. Bennett’s Nutriceutical Probiotic + uses the most advanced patented delivery system to optimize viability and stability of the friendly bacteria
Natural occurring friendly bacteria is an integral part of a healthy digestive system.
Benefits may include the following:
Improve gut immunity
Reduce side effects of antibiotics/antimicrobials
Minimize allergy reactions
Prevent or alleviate traveler’s diarrhea
Prevent or alleviate constipation and diarrhea of all ages
Inhibit growth of fungi/yeasts, bacteria and parasites
Alleviate inflammatory bowel disorders
Alleviate atopic dermatitis

2. Vitamin C +
Delicious Orange flavored Vitamin C powder formula with additional Bioflavinoids
Essential antioxidants that reduces histamines and inflammation common in sinus and respiratory condition
Aids in lung tissue healing
Promotes collagen formation to strengthen capillaries and connective tissue
Supports healthy lung immune defense mechanisms

3. Quercetin +
Quercetin and Nettles has been studied and used in treating respiratory disorders by anti-inflammatory actions and anti-histamine effects, reducing allergic sinus and respiratory symptomatology.
Benefits include:
Reduction of itchy, watery eyes,
Clears nasal congestion and runny nose,
Minimizes coughing and sore throats

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Price: $95.00
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