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Hans Christian King Be In The Now

Hans Christian King Be In The Now

It's evident that we are living in some interesting times. Many things are challenging: relationships, political strife, economic crunches, and ecological crises. In the presence of human unconsciousness, what arises from all that change and instability is fear. People get scared, and when they get frightened, they use a certain technique for coping with it. They go into denial. This is why it is so important to be "in the now."

Hans and his Spirit guidance share with you how to be present in the moment. Just this lesson can change your life. Bringing about personal change can help positively affect you personally, and also your community, and ultimately the world.

All products are for download as .mp3 files. Due to the cost of producing and maintaining inventory, all products on HansKing.com are for download only. Because we save money, we can offer them to you at a discount and there are no shipping charges!

Price: $15.95
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