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Feed your Mind with books covering a wide range of holistic topics and spiritual teachings to nourish your mind through holistic health and wellness topics.

Healing in Harmony Essential Tips

Healing in Harmony Essential Tips – Tips for creating an environment that promotes healing, comfort, support and inspiration as well as practical tips for maneuvering through the medical community.

This book is designed to save you steps when suddenly faced with health challenges. Essential Tips is based on what worked for us. We give practical advice on maneuvering through the medical community, along with ideas on how to become an empowered patient and advocate. We offer a “how to” on creating a Healing In Harmony environment complete with suggestions for tapping into and strengthening your inner spirit.

Price: $12.95
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Magnetic Miracles

“Magnetic Miracles” book by Catie Norris. Your Guide to the Use of Magnetics for Radiant Health! Includes Your “A to Z” reference guide to applying magnets to “specific health challenges” that can plaque you. Contains Useful Meridian Accu-Pressure Hand Chart for Enhanced Healing Ability.

The book answers the what, why, how, and when,… of magnetic therapy, answers the most common “nondumb” questions, it shares many heartwarming (including celebrities) “Magnetic Miracles” or Testimonials (w/ pix) which could potentially help those suffering likewise, Part II includes almost 100 “Specific health Challenges” which teach how to use the correct magnetic therapy to help the body heal itself.

It goes deeper than most books in this category as it defines the challenge and describes why MT can make a difference, the various applications for various levels of the challenge, what nutrients can enhance MT effects and other helpful hints, as well as research studies to back up the applications. “Magnetic Miracle! s” is the answer to many of today’s health challenges which depends on electrical regeneration on the cellular level, renewed immune function, normalized circulation, reduced “unhealthful” acidity, and the enhanced oxidating capacity of oxygen in the body! The book gives answers to what a “miracle” is from Webster’s definition, the Dictionary of the Bibles, nobel laureate and author, Ilya Prigogine’s take on it in relation to the laws of nature, and the mind body connection with Deepok Chopra, and how it applies to the use of the wonderous power of magnetic fields which we can not see.

This book has been born out of a mission-a second chance. Catie and her son were both “in severe pain…misdiagnosed with symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, ebstein barr, Lupus, M.S., and Parkinson’s,…we’d tried everything…until a Miracle happened…”Magnetics were the most profound therapy we’d ever used!” we’d been given back our lives!”

Price: $16.95
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The Truth About Calcium

“The Truth About Calcium” book by Catie Norris 

Contains important information like:

  • Fast, easy, and tasty calcium-rich recipes
  • Food and Symptom chart to help prevent deficiencies
  • An Exercise Plan for the most vulnerable bones

And much more on “Natural answers for a crumbling nation’s epidemic of Osteoporosis!”

Price: $24.95
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