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Susanne Bennett : Allergy Specialist


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Telephone : (310) 315-1514
Address : 1821 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300 , Santa Monica , CA , US , 90403

Susanne Bennett, D.C., is a holistic chiropractor specializing in anti-aging skincare, environmental medicine, alternative medicine and detoxification.
Susanne Bennett, D.C., is a well respected mentor, lecturer, and holistic chiropractor specializing in anti-aging skincare, environmental medicine, alternative medicine, as well as metal, chemical and mold detoxification. She is a certified NAET Specialist (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique), JMT Specialist (Jaffe-Mellor Technique for Chronic Degenerative Disorders), NMT Specialist (Neuro-Modulation Brain Stimulation Technique for Disease), Loomis Enzyme Specialist (Enzyme Nutrition Therapy), Yuen Method (Chinese Energetic Medicine), BioKinetics (Movement Therapy for Internal Organism Balance), Gemmotherapy (Toxic Compound Elimination), Chromatherapy (Color Therapy) and Emotional Freedom Technique (Psychological Disorders).


Dr. Bennett has earned a track record of achievement in preventive medicine, diagnostics and treatment relating to over 200 medical conditions, including: Steven’s Johnson Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candidiasis, Parkinson’s Disease, Hepatitis C, Lyme Disease, Esophageal Gas Reflux, Acid Reflux Syndrome, allergic conditions, chronic immune disorders, psychological disorders, female disorders, menopause, jaundice, bacterial infections, rheumatic diseases, endurance deficiency as well as heart and brain conditions. Recognized for her expertise, Dr. Bennett has been requested to present lectures to consumer and professional audiences nationwide, including: King 5 News Los Angeles, CA; Channel 11 Eyewitness News Raleigh, North Carolina; Health Expo, Los Angeles, CA; Gemmobase USA, Designs For Health Institute; Homeopathic Pharmacy, Santa Monica, CA ; and The LA Family Magazine. The topics of her lectures include: mold toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, liver cleansing, optimal dietary protocol, body hygiene techniques, collagen skin enhancement as well as orthomolecular nutrients, methodology, techniques and treatment. The value of her work has been featured in publications such as Radiant Life Magazine, a national consumer peer reviewed content publication and Build Green California, an Internet portal dedicated to educating Californians about Green Living. In fact, physicians from around the world have come to Dr. Bennett for practice management training, optimal office environments and integrated care services.


Dr. Bennett earned her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at University of California, Los Angeles. She earned her doctorate in Chiropractic at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Her post graduate training over the course of more than three years includes: the Chiropractic Orthopedics Program and Chiropractic Sports Physician Certification from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She has also earned over ten certifications in Alternative Therapies from numerous leading organizations. Dr. Bennett is an active member and volunteer in several professional organizations, including: the American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), California Chiropractic Association (CCA), Natural Resources Defense Council (Council of 1000), Oceana, Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, World, Wildlife Fund, Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club, Step Up Women’s Network, UCLA Alumni Association. In addition, she has been named Who’s Who in Women’s Business and Who’s Who in Alternative Medicine. Finally, Dr. Susanne Bennett is the Founder and CEO of PurGlo by Purigenex, which provides a bioactive Intensive Collagen Serum and Ionized Collagen Mask.

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