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To find a Holistic Practitioner or Alternative Medicine Doctor, there are FOUR search options available: local, statewide, national or international. Our local search can either be a city or county search.

Holistic Practitioners use an approach to medicine that emphasizes treating the person as a whole, with special attention to the interconnections of the mind and body and of the systems within the body. A Holistic practitioner medicine stresses the patient’s role in health care through such means as positive attitudes, sound diet, and regular exercise with the therapeutic emphasis being on stimulating the organism’s self-healing processes.

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If you are searching alternative medicine and holistic practitioners in your local area, go to “Local Practitioners”. We currently list over 90 therapies. The main difference between conventional medicine and Alternative Medicine Doctors is they are concerned about the prevention of disease and pay attention to and deal with the cause by treating the body as a whole. It focuses on preventing disease before it starts. Alternative Medicine Doctors view the presence of disease as an imbalance of the emotional, mental and physical state of a person and endeavor to support and strengthen the immune system by natural means.

We are committed to driving traffic to us by using a variety of holistic marketing and media resources so that people can find you in our directory when they are searching for your particular service or product.

We will be adding countries as more practitioners join our directory from other areas of the world. Today’s medicine and health practices are largely conventional in nature, making advantage of technology and great advances in medicine that have occurred in recent years, rather than drawing from the roots of holistic health practice, using nature for the purpose of healing. Still, you should have no trouble finding holistic health practitioners with a completely different outlook on how medicine and healing should be practices.

The concept behind holistic medicine is simple: It is based on the idea that the body can be healed through natural means, using herbs, plants and other natural practices in order to remedy many of the problems that our bodies face.

For those seeking care, we provide referrals to patients looking for a physician in their area through our web-based practitioner directory. This platform is open to all healthcare professionals advocating for integrative medical techniques, and we want to include your practice.

When you join, you have the opportunity to network with top Holistic Healthcare Practitioners and join in a group of other highly-trained, elite physicians who represent what is right in healthcare. In addition you’ll learn and hear from experts and peers, as to what they are doing to help their practice meet some of the same challenges you may be facing in your own clinic.

The small investment for membership can increase your business, nurture your professional development, and connect you with your peers on many levels.

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