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Dianne's Corner

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Dianne’s Blog where the Creative Energy Organizer Dianne Burnett regularly shares what she’s reading and informs the community what she’s recently learned.


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Dianne Burnett, Creative Energy OrganizerGrowing up in Commack on New York’s Long Island, Dianne possessed a knack for bringing people together. How apropos that the girl dubbed “the social butterfly” by her teachers, would later create a social networking site to promote conscious evolution. Inspired while writing her memoir, The Road to Reality, and concurrently enlightened during her mother’s courageous yet futile battle against cancer, Dianne conceived The Other Side as a social forum designed to connect people who seek to enrich their relationships and nourish their mind, body and spirit.

Being a mother of two wonderful sons, James and Cameron, and wife has been and continues to be an extremely rewarding experience. But after putting her cafeer on hold to focus on family, her purpose now is to inform the masses. Her
mission is educate, empower and enlighten through her dream team of inspirational leaders and fellow community members of The Other Side, a conscious community without borders encompassing the social networking aspects of Facebook coupled with the informative nature and accessibility of Google. Frustrated by Western medicine, she explored new avenues for her mother, Joan, reached out to psychic mediums and devoured the writings of Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh and Jonathan Edwards.

Armed with new-found knowledge, this visionary is determined to make a difference. History shows she knows how to turn passion into success. She teamed with then-husband to create Eco-Challenge, an expedition length adventure race held on location across five continents that broadcast to millions worldwide, and the U.S. version of Survivor, which kick-started America’s reality television show craze and went on to become the longest running and most lucrative reality TV series of all time.

With a zest for life and boundless energy, Dianne looks ahead to this new chapter in her life. Out to compile the world’s largest collection of unsaturated truth on The Other Side, she’s a frm believer in the Gloria Steinem quote, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Dianne resides in Malibu with her family.

Joan Valentine Foundation for Natural Cures, Inc.Joan Valentine – A Foundation for Natural Cures, Inc., explores new ways of healing people with cancer through integrative medicine, meaning any healing practice that does not fall into the realm of conventional medicine. The Foundation believes creating awareness and education regarding integrative and alternative healing can benefit individuals and their families. The Joan Valentine Foundation promotes healthy living and lifestyle wellness, integrative healing as it applies to every facet of life, and alternative health and healing for those afflicted with cancer. Through education and research, the Foundation affords individuals the ability to make informed lifestyle choices. It is our firm belief in an integrative approach for the treatment of cancer that includes complementary therapies and body/mind/spirit approaches, and blending science with the art of healing. Furthermore, the Foundation is committed to evaluating the scientific foundation of complementary medicine, educating health professionals and the public, and integrating evidence-based complementary therapies into clinical care to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. The foundation was formed in 2009 when Dianne Burnett’s mother, Joan Valentine, was battling esophageal cancer. She was by her mother’s side until her mother passed away on April 20, 2010.


Welcome to the world of visionary Dianne Burnett, whose myriad of activities can be summed up in two terms: “original” and “cutting edge.” On DianneBurnett.com you can follow the latest accomplishments and up-and-coming projects of the Malibu-based author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and producer – from her books and future TV shows to foundation and social media networks.

BOOKS: Dianne’s laugh-filled and inspiring memoir The Road to Reality – which hits the bookstores in September 2012 — vividly traces her colorful path from child “singer/dancer” in Long Island talent shows to her role in helping then-husband Mark Burnett launch Survivor, the wildly popular reality TV show that she named – only to find herself ultimately “voted off the island.” In the works: The Road to Renewal, her adventures with the uncannily accurate, insightful and amusing medical medium Anthony William.

PHILANTHROPY: With a board of the world’s top-notch health professionals, including Harvard medical researchers and practitioners of integrative medicine, Dianne’s nonprofit organization, Joan Valentine – A Foundation for Natural Cures Inc., is dedicated to finding the most effective treatments for cancer and ways to prevent it from striking. The foundation is actively seeking promising cures as well as raising funds for research.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Dianne is launching Mulberry Love, a beverage that boosts energy and enhances health while steering clear of the artificial ingredients so often found in “nutritional drinks.” Mulberry Love will be on the market in late 2012.

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