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To find a Holistic Practitioner or Alternative Medicine Doctor, there are FOUR search options available: local, statewide, national or international. Our local search can either be a city or county search.

Holistic Practitioners use an approach to medicine that emphasizes treating the person as a whole, with special attention to the interconnections of the mind and body and of the systems within the body. A Holistic practitioner medicine stresses the patient’s role in health care through such means as positive attitudes, sound diet, and regular exercise with the therapeutic emphasis being on stimulating the organism’s self-healing processes.

There’s also a Dianne’s Corner where the Creative Energy Organizer (CEO) regularly shares what she’s reading and informs the community of what she’s recently learned. Live radio, television featuring ordinary people with extraordinary lives, a calendar of events and a national listing of practitioners are other highlights.

The Other Side Shop offers vitamins and supplements, cleanses rich in food and herbs, natural skincare products, audio and video, a wide range of books and organic face oils.
Several components make up The Other Side. The inspirational team consists of alternative medicine practitioners, psychic mediums and astrologers imparting their knowledge but one doesn’t need to know who Sylvia Browne is to take advantage of what The Other Side has to offer. It’s designed for any forward thinker interested in connecting with like minds. Topics range from being more Eco to becoming more health conscious to being cognizant of the ripple effect you have on others, meaning being conscious of the way you talk to someone in the grocery store because your rude behavior could negatively affect the recipient for the rest of their day.
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