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Sleep soothes and restores our bodies and is the gateway into the parallel universe of dreams. Read about dreams, the basics of sleep and sleep disorders.

Blind Spots & Taming the Savage Beast

You are only given little sparks of madness. You must not lose it.
~Robin Williams
As mentioned in the accompanying video, I had a dream Robin Williams was a lion tamer on trial for using unconventional methods for keeping his lions in check. He was dressed in Lion Tamer regalia—riding pants, a safari hat, tall black boots, a kaki long sleeved shirt, and a whip.…

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Life Changing Dreams

Though we appear to be sleeping, there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream…that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are.
Don’t toss out your dreams (aka winning lottery tickets) as if they were just a random recapitulation of the day’s events. Remind yourself that your dreams—those wild, fantastic, uncensored jumble of images that bombard your sleep—come bearing gifts. These mysterious and valuable gifts will help you gain guidance, solve problems, and activate your treasure map to quicken the life you most deeply desire.…

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A man is but a product of his dreams. What he dreams he becomes.
~Astoria Eden
Dreams and dreamers go way back…I mean waaaaaaaaay back. Even a few steps further…all the way to the first prophets, even back as far as the caveman days. Anthropologists have encoded cave drawings to be communication about what was literally happening in cave dweller’s lives, as well as future events and visions from their dreams.…

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Honoring the 107th Birthday of Little Nemo in Slumberland

Today we celebrate the 107th birthday of a cartoon first published in the New York Herold in 1905. Winsor McCay created the cartoon strip, Little Nemo.

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I Had the Strangest Dream TV

I Had the Strangest Dream TV. Enjoy my recent video filmed…in bed with “What the Bleep” creator, Betsy Chasse (and Freeman Michaels) talking about the REAL reason I’m a dream freak.

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Intention (Dreams that Shaped History)

People claim they can’t afford the time to pay attention to their dreams…I say you can’t afford NOT to. What if the goldmine you have been praying for is not in your backyard, but under your pillow?

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Why Dreams?

Why Dreams? When you nestle yourself into bed, turn off the bedside lamp, and close your eyes to your daytime reality, your “conscious self” goes to sleep.

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Dream Your Way to Success

Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden, talks with Aurora Winter about the value of paying attention to dreams, dream interpretation, and living a dreamy life!

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We can communicate when we sleep. Scientific research has documented telepathic dreaming happens. Following find anecdotes about dreaming friends' secrets.

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Wake Up to the Signs of Narcolepsy, A Misunderstood Sleep Disorder

Some 200,000 Americans have narcolepsy–sleep attacks that force them to doze off anytime, anywhere. Most narcoleptics are in the dark about what’s wrong.

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