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Bobi Leonard

Bobi Leonard is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman and TV personality with interests in skin care, business consulting and real estate.

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Kelly Sullivan Walden

Dream Therapist, Kelly Sullivan Walden, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling dream book, “I Had the Strangest Dream.

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Holistic Approach to getting Mosquitoes to Bug off

To chase mosquitoes off naturally, try lemon eucalyptus oil – dilute it with 3 parts water to one part oil – spray it around the room and directly on skin.

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The Molemate and the Secrets of Portofino

You might find paradise rising up from the hollowed interior of a cliff, at least if you’re in Portofino with your molemate.

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Lincoln – Spielberg bio drama of his final months abolishing slavery

Lincoln bio drama film depicts the Civil War ending and President Abraham Lincoln clashing with members of his cabinet over the issue of abolishing slavery.

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Aurora Winter

Grief Coaching for all types of loss including death, divorce, job loss, illness. Aurora Winter helps you heal after a difficult loss or transition such as death.

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20 Savory Recipes For Oranges

Oranges are amazing for eating natural or turning into desserts, but you shouldn’t stop there. They also lend lots of flavor when used in savory dishes.

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Coconut Water: Good to Drink, Good to Cook With

Coconut water is the clear liquid in the center of a young, green coconut. Rich in minerals and vitamins, it is fat-free and low-calorie,

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Devil’s Claw | Herb of the Week

Devil’s claw is used to treat diseases of the gall bladder, kidneys, liver, pancreas, small joints and tuberculosis. It is also used to stimulate appetite.

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Rosemary | Herb of the Week

Rosemary is such an extremely useful herb, with so many culinary, medicinal and aromatherapy attributes that it is hard to qualify which ones are the most important.

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