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Universal Oneness is From Within Shared Around as We are Guided in Each Moment


Q. My question is about relationships with others after you know your Twin Flame, even if you are not yet able to be together physically, as is the case with me and my Twin Flame. Early on, he told me he had a desire to be faithful to me, as I have to him. I’m single, so I can be faithful to him, but he is married, so has to divide his faithfulness. But I believe he is as faithful to me as he can be. So, my question is this: What about us who are not able to allow love from others, who have no desire to be with anyone but our Twin? Are we wrong in feeling complete faithfulness to our Twin? Are we failing to develop universal oneness somehow in not going into other relationships as so many seem to be doing?

A. Ah, a lot in those questions…nothing is ever wrong…and from the perception/vision of the one heart of union consciousness (which encountering the twin flame brings us deeper into) this is the way and the truth – that all love is love shared with all…and that love is not limited or based upon conditions, expectations, etc…there is nothing wrong with feeling completely faithful to your twin flame, meaning that you don’t have a desire to be in physical relationship with another in body…allowing love from others does NOT have to be intimate, in a romantic relationship sense. As we move deeper into choosing, seeing, being, feeling love in every moment (union consciousness), then we see more profoundly how any action or expression of love to and with anyone, increases universal oneness. There is no rule that if you are not in this moment beside your twin flames side, that you need to be in another relationship, or even that you don’t have to be…this path is truly about following your own heart, your own guidance, knowing that what you are feeling resonates with your soul is NOT wrong, as nothing ever is. The other aspect of this is that because your twin flame is in another relationship, that this gives you an opportunity to deepen your understanding that you are not separate from that love, for feelings such as jealousy can only come through in a heart that can’t see the oneness that is always present…again, even feeling jealousy is not wrong…it’s just an opportunity to become aware of what is causing it, and to shift perception into union, which can then heal the feelings of jealousy. These situations are such beautiful ways seen from the eyes of Spirit to strengthen the truth of eternal, unconditional, divine and sacred love. Follow your heart…and let it continue to guide you…as you open to seeing and receiving the love from the relationship your twin is in, and the more you extend and feel the love within every encounter and experience in your life, the more you enhance, develop and add to the universal oneness for all…as one awakens, that awakening is sent to us ALL.

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About Gabriella Hartwell

Gabriella Hartwell is an Intuitive Relationship Life Coach that resides in Los Angeles and has been helping people with their relationships for many years now. People are naturally drawn to her compassionate, understanding and calm demeanor. She believes in the power of love and its capacity to allow the heart to heal so that it can embrace the love within and draw the love from others as well. Gabriella's first book is You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching and she is currently writing her second one Rising Up the Ladder of Love: From Soul Mates to Twin Flame, The Path of Union Consciousness. She is the host of the radio show Be You To Full on blogtalkradio and has a very interactive blog where she offers insight on soul mates and twin flames. Her services include Relationship Coaching sessions for both singles and couples, twin flame mentoring sessions, dream guidance readings and intuitive readings. All of these are meant to help assist you to find peace within yourself and within your relationships as well as to receive guidance from the universe along your chosen path. She is dedicated to helping you embrace the intense love that is waiting just over the horizon. In order to do so, it is important to realize that you deserve a life of happiness and to let go of the fear that stops you from walking into your destiny.

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