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Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames Includes Soul Mates: The Union and Balance of ALL


~by Gabriella Hartwell

Here is an MP3 to listen to most of what is written below ~ I encourage you to listen to it before and/or after but definitely listen to it, for the vibrations that come through in my voice are so powerful in themselves. Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames in Extension to the World and With Our Soul Mates


Spiritual marriage is one of the Spirit ~ our spirits are the life force that flows through us. It is our essence which is not limited by form. This essence is eternal and always experiencing, creating, loving with our bodies. Our spiritual presence is not tainted with any beliefs or constructs we may follow. Our spiritual being is pure, divine, unconditional, sweet love. A spiritual marriage is one where the life forces (spirits) of both twin flames are merged. Since Spirit always has been, IS, and always will BE (always present in union/oneness), the spirits of both twins are already married.

Twin flames do not have to be together physically for them to be in spiritual marriage for they are already in it. If a twin flame is in human marriage with a soul mate, they are still spiritually in union (as it always IS) with the twin flame. This is why I always express that love shared is love shared with all. Love of Spirit is all inclusive. Think of a plant that needs water to breathe yet this plant is made up of water. Now think of it never getting “enough” or too much of that water ~ envision it having a limitless, truly infinite capacity to receive more of what it is. This is how we are, our true, divine spiritual energy flows with this infinity of love for it is LOVE. There are no exceptions, there is just total acceptance and openness to receive this love.

Human marriages ~ even how we have perceived our humanness ~ has been clouded with restrictions, limitations and fear that we have created responses and behaviors which can bring us into the experience of separation with each other. If we focus and see the love/union, separation on all levels cannot exist. Our perceptions and creations of and within human marriage have been “boxed in,” as we attempt to create in this box without realizing that we are the ones who have placed ourselves within it and therefore, we are the ones to bring us ALL out of it. Human marriage is meant to be the joining of 2 as 1 with God in the middle. Hence there are 3, all creation comes from this Trinity. Now, the difference here with God is that YOU are a piece of God as we are ALL God as ONE together. As you connect with your God energy ~ your Beloved energy ~ you see that all is love ~ you are love so you are inspired to be that love and allow yourself to be loved. The Beloved flow is always emotion (energy in motion) ~ love flowing in ~ love flowing out (around and everywhere). God is this Beloved energy. Human energy is meant to be two beings (or more, depending on choice but that’s another chapter) joining their spirits (love) with their Beloved Energy, to be this love and receive this love from each other and all that is. This way there is no possession, rather both are being, and no narrowed view of only the human/physical aspect of union/marriage. Spirits are free as our creations, the foundation of all creations, are meant for us to be free as one, and as ONE.

Twin flames are already married spiritually for their spirits and souls are one. As above, so below. When you know you are already married to your twin flame spiritually, you feel this oneness and all of your energetic pieces move into alignment. Your hearts are one full of the pure, divine love that you are. You become a living vessel of this love. To do this, you experience your spiritual essence through the human journey with the intention to merge them both with your awakened consciousness. You move further into the flow of this sacred Universe as a result…the souls intentions for creation/service are activated. This is where synchronicities come in to guide you…

Spiritual marriage is the alignment of the heart/Spirits/love within and then both twins bring all of this into full expression in form. You are remembering this oneness that already is and therefore you become one with your own Spirit. You merge with your own heart. You align with your divine, true essence as you be a living expression of LOVE. All the limitations from the outside have no control over you nor do they influence you for you have moved inside. This sets in motion the call to your twin flame to awaken in remembering your love and oneness. In remembering, you align as one, you are activated as one in love and you ascend (continuous rising in vibration and love). This is limitless and expansive. This is the experience of your spiritual marriage. You do not have to be together physically for this to happen because this is an alignment and activation of the Spirit, of love. Remembering, feeling, being this love and oneness is what becomes married/joined. Once this happens, the physical bodies become the extension and expression of this marriage of the spirits. The difference with usual, human marriages is that they join the bodies and start playing out the roles and rules placed upon the marriage/love relationship rather than joining their love and oneness. Love is viewed, experienced and expressed differently. As we move forward in our ascension, these spiritual marriages will be happening on more of a massive scale and marriages that were not joined of the spirit will fall away for love and oneness will be the focus. Marriage is not about fulfilling roles or living “The American Dream,” it is about service and Divine Love. You focus on being that living vessel of love which brings about the remembering and the experience of becoming spiritually married to your twin flame. The signs reflect where you are but they also inspire you to action. In this spiritual marriage and the joining of the human marriage with it, instead of 2 as 1, you ARE 1 as 2. Your whole energetic vibration moves into alignment with your spiritual essence. You become this love beyond form and in form! !! !!!

When you dive in and you discover your divinity, you connect to the divine eternal unconditional true and pure love that you are, this you discover is limitless. I repeat it is limitless! Therefore, it does not have any limitations, no conditions, no expectations, no separation. As a result of discovering/remembering this love that you are, this love flows throughout your entire being. You no longer see the separation of anything. You no longer feel the separation and you choose to express yourself through the vibration of union, through the vibration of the connection of it all. You become this divine love, on your own. This love that you are flows throughout everything that you do. You connect so deeply with it that you know yourself profoundly. There is a passion within you that is yours to connect with and as you connect to that passion and you create in its vibration, you are loving, you are being love in your own unique way. This is what draws you to the way that you will express this LOVE. As you tap in and you connect to this love, you become this love. You be and express and create in this LOVE, you are loving ALL. Hence, you are loving your twin flame.

If you are in a soul mate relationship, you are meant to join your spiritual love/marriage with your twin flame with your soul mate. You are already spiritually married to your twin flame. What that means is that the love that is YOU is also your twin flame, your Spirits hold the vibration of this love, this divine love. This divine love is open. It knows that there is no separation. Therefore, there is no separation in the expressions of this love. It is only the perceptions of separation that create the limitations and the behaviors and the pain and all of that, which IS separation. However, we experience those emotions to let them go. It is in experiencing the emotions (energy in motion) that we release any attachment to beliefs, behaviors/patterns, feelings that are of separation. It is in the feeling comes the revealing and therefore the healing. We are meant to join both the spiritual and human marriage because there is no separation.

If you are in a soul mate relationship, and you are aware of your twin flame and you are so deeply connected that you do make love (in all its various ways) beyond form, you feel each other beyond what can be fully expressed in our human language, this intensity and this love is not separate from the love that you are sharing, that you are IN with your soul mate. It is ONE and the same. It is love, it is love so deep that it opens you, it opens your heart to love more and to love more, to love ALL in the deepest way possible, in this limitless way. How you express your love with your twin flame openly to all that is when you are in a soul mate relationship? You are love. When you remember and connect with this truth, you find your passion, what moves you. You bring that more fully, more completely into creation in the world ~ whatever service, whatever it is that you are passionate about. As you become that and you express that passion within your life, you are expressing that love that is you and your twin flame as ONE.

The emotions, feelings and beliefs of separation that create the unpleasant experience can shake us up. However they are meant to, they are meant to because if everything was smooth, we wouldn’t be able to discover what is illusion and what is truth. It is through the experience that we discover what illusions we may have attached to that really are the illusions so that we can be and we can vibrate within truth. So many of you are asking me, can you express to your soul mate of the love that you hold for your twin flame? Can you? YES. Will you? This is up to you. This is completely up to you and this is where again, I must say how important it is along this journey to always go within, to always connect to your inner guidance, to feel what is your truth because it IS there. What is your truth and what is your soul’s intention for this lifetime? Express it to your soul mate piece by piece if you need to instead of coming out and expressing everything all at one time. Just as there are layers to an onion to get to the center ~ there are layers for us to unveil, to reveal and to allow for each piece to become part of the whole. Is this easy? Again, everything really and truly is perception and then our perception creates our experience and how we feel as a result. So I say to you, I say to you! Follow your heart with this, but I can say that if you are in a soul mate relationship, and you have become aware of your twin flame, whether this be through the awareness of actually knowing in physical embodiment who your twin flame is, or if have just become spiritually aware of your twin flame, there IS a reason for this! What this is meant to do is to bring you ALL, everyone who is involved, including you, your children, your soul mate, your twin flame, anyone who your twin flame is in connection with, ALL of you together, closer, in a deeper web and vibration of LOVE, true LOVE. This is what the twin flame relationship is about. It is about this DEEP, divine love that is ONE.

The emotions that you may be hearing in my voice (listen to MP3 above) is the energy in motion of the intensity and the depth of this divine love. It is very deep and the wounds of separation that have caused us to live and love in limitation is the illusion. This is the illusion we are releasing by feeling these deep wounds of this separation. We were never, ever meant to love in separation. We were meant to love in union, to know that it is all ONE, to know that we are all one.


I want to express some of my own experience. Expressing love within a soul mate relationship while being aware of my twin flame, and feeling so profoundly this depth and intensity of love with my twin flame while also loving a soul mate has been my experience. It has been my experience because I am meant to teach about this. Many times, we experience what we are meant to teach. We are all, always, students and teachers. Those of you who are in soul mate relationships, I can say that I understand your pain, your confusion, your perceptions and actions that you may have attached to of separation while also so deeply longing to be in union. I became of my twin flame in 2007 and it was in 2008 that I met a soul mate. Now when I became of my twin flame, I knew right away that we were meant to join together, to create together, because we are both creative artists (he as a musician and I as a writer/relationship coach) and I knew that we were meant to join our creative talents with one another to spread the messages of true love to the world, to travel around the world together and do this. This is my soul contract and my knowing. So when I met him, I thought at that time, that I was on my way to being with him in all ways, including the physical. I wasn’t aware that a soul mate needed to come along. In 2008, when I met this soul mate, I resisted him at first. I resisted being with him because I have this intensity and strong love for my twin flame and know what our mission is. Yet I was so strongly and intuitively guided to be with this soul mate and I relented and loved in the moment. Now, there were layers of loving in the moment because of course, this love with my twin flame continued to increase. As many of you know, as I recently wrote about making love with your twin flame beyond form ~ this also increased and dreams I had with him, and my LOVE. However, my love also grew for this soul mate. I have to say in my experience, I expressed to my soul mate right from the start, about my twin flame, told him of the love that I have for my twin flame. I told him of what I saw to be our mission and that eventually, we would be together in all ways ~ and I also shared with him that I saw his connection with us to be a huge part of it ~ that we were all connected in this love. There were many, many layers of him accepting this, of us both walking through the uncomfortable, at times, feelings, beliefs, actions that we had attached to of separation. We thought how could this love be part of our love? We saw it as separate, at first. My soul mate had to go through the emotions and perceptions of jealousy and feeling that he wasn’t loved and that he couldn’t fully just be with me, to move into the space of seeing it all as a deeper love bringing us all together into the soul family that we are, into experiencing the oneness and the deep connection of the soul family that we are. Again, this is a journey of remembering this love and this oneness that IS always connecting us, it’s never not with us. It is us. It is the truth. Therefore, we are on this journey of remembering it and then bringing it into our experience so that we BE it, feel it, and become it, in every relationship, in every experience, in every moment.

What did I have to go through? I understand on the deepest and most profound levels how much of my entire being wanted to merge in all ways with my twin flame, and wants to merge in all ways with my twin flame. There were layers of me understanding and experiencing this oneness, this love that is with my soul mate as well as with my twin flame in the SAME moment. I found many times, that more and more that I released another layer and another layer, and that I allowed myself to love and be loved fully with my soul mate, I felt that I was also loving with my twin flame. Literally, in moments, when we made love physically, I felt my twin flame with us and felt as though I was making love with both my soul mate and my twin flame. Through this journey, my soul mate and I became best friends because we were committed to love. Many times we physically separated and came back together. Every time that we did and every layer that we released, that we let go of, the deeper our love became. The more awakened we became within the vibration and truth of union consciousness ~ that we are ALL ONE and that this consciousness of oneness wants to experience the merging and the joining of ALL of us. This is Monday, September 17th ~ and where I am at in this moment on my journey ~ is physically in my own presence. My soul mate is not physically with me nor is my twin flame however they are BOTH with me. My love for both of them (our mission and experiencing this divine love) has increased I could say manifold, I could say athousandfold, I could times 100 million and that still would not do it justice. That much love I feel for each of them and both of them together. I can also say that my soul mate is more than excited to embrace physically my twin flame because he is at the point of seeing my twin flame as an extension of me (and himself) which just increases the love for us ALL and between us ALL. I know in the deepest recesses of my heart that my twin flame feels the exact same way about my soul mate. My soul contract, OUR soul contract between us three is to share this with the world, to share the divine love that does not hold any limitations in any way, that does not even see, feel, or create separation. This divine love that is ALL of us, but the unique piece that my soul mate and my twin flame and I have chosen to share is the 3 part, the Trinity within Infinity (sharing on this more soon) but there are 3 parts of sharing about this love. I look forward to having you here as we share our experience.

Again, I bring you within. What do you feel is your contract, your mission in this lifetime? Are you staying within your soul mate relationship, within your soul mate marriage if there is also marriage, because of obligation, because of the roles placed upon you as a parent, and you as a spouse? Is all the other pieces of you saying that your mission involves your twin flame and uniting in all ways with your twin flame? OR Is everything within you saying that you have this deep connection with your twin flame and it’s meant to be spiritually right now and you are meant to open with your soul mate in love in your relationship while bringing in that deep profound, intense, beautiful love with your twin flame IN your soul mate relationship? Even if that is the case in this moment, if that is your truth, that also may not mean that that is forever, and that your twin flame will not be together in all ways in this lifetime ~ there are so many ways that this can play out. There are so many various ways that people can be joined with their twin flames. It does not include the physical, in all ways, in everyone’s experience and even if it doesn’t, it is not less than another experience. There is no separation. Feel within this. Feel within about this. You don’t have to know it all in this moment. From my experience, I can say there’s pieces and pieces that come through, more experiences and experiences to have, and you’ll know what you are meant to do and when you are meant to do it. This is a very intense journey on so many levels but yet that’s the experience. It is this intensity of energy in motion (our emotions) that is our Spirits on this journey in the form of man. It’s really beautiful because the more we experience what we have created in separation, the more we can transform it and transcend it when we discover and we realize that union has always been here. When we discover that union is the truth, we become so excited that we want to experience that union within form. It’s so natural ~ hence the magnetism to the twin flame.

I ask you to go within and feel within your experience right now, feel if you are limiting yourself. Are you limiting and separating your love? What I mean by that is do you feel that you are not expressing yourself with your soul mate? Are you not expressing yourself with your twin flame? Are you not expressing how you feel with yourself? Are you limiting the love that you can experience physically and emotionally and all other ways with your soul mate for the perception that that separates you from your twin flame? OR that merging and loving with your twin flame separates you from your soul mate? THAT is the illusion. Those are the perceptions and behaviors of separation. That is not the truth. I would never, ever tell you to suppress your desire. If you’re having a desire, it’s there for a reason. It’s something for you to open to, to go within and discover why you are having this desire and what is this desire that is coming up showing you? What is it offering you? If you are in a soul mate relationship and you are having this intensity of this desire to be with your twin flame, it’s there to open you, it’s there to open you deeper into what love really is, what true love really is. It is unconditional, eternal, divine, limitless, it’s ALL inclusive. That desire to merge with your twin flame ~ if we go back to the spiritual marriage and that you are already spiritually married with your twin flame ~ therefore your Spirits are already one ~ it is that love ~ it is the remembering of that divine love that is part of the oneness ~ it IS the oneness ~ it brings everything all into ONE ~ so if you are already spiritually married with your twin flame, that desire to merge in all ways with your twin flame is the strengthening of that love ~ it’s the joining of your love and the love of your twin flame, which is one ~ that love is meant to be brought into all other experiences, creations and relationships. You choose how you are going to bring that into each relationship. You choose, by following your divine, inner guidance, when there is a transition needed in any relationship if a transition is needed. You will know. This beautiful, profound love with the twin flame is not meant to separate. By all means, it is not meant to separate you from others. It’s meant to unite you, unite you more profoundly with others and with yourself. That’s the perception and the patterns of separation that have us acting out separation instead of uniting. When we feel love, when we feel such love, we are meant to share that love and be that love more profoundly, not to hide our love. As we are connected with the Beloved energy that is God ~ God is love and gives love ~ so we are meant to be love and be loved, to allow ourselves also to be loved ~ that’s the journey and it’s the ongoing creation of love ~ going in and going out ~ literally.

There’s so much more to share ~ if after reading/listening to this, you have questions or anything you’d like to share, please do so. This is what I’m here for. I want to leave you with ~ the love that I AM, I AM sending to you. The love that I feel for both my soul mate and my twin flame, for the love of the service that we are, I give it to you. May you take it within you, receive it and allow it to become part of you so that you then be this love also more profoundly than you are. I love you and I’m here.

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Gabriella Hartwell is an Intuitive Relationship Life Coach that resides in Los Angeles and has been helping people with their relationships for many years now. People are naturally drawn to her compassionate, understanding and calm demeanor. She believes in the power of love and its capacity to allow the heart to heal so that it can embrace the love within and draw the love from others as well. Gabriella's first book is You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching and she is currently writing her second one Rising Up the Ladder of Love: From Soul Mates to Twin Flame, The Path of Union Consciousness. She is the host of the radio show Be You To Full on blogtalkradio and has a very interactive blog where she offers insight on soul mates and twin flames. Her services include Relationship Coaching sessions for both singles and couples, twin flame mentoring sessions, dream guidance readings and intuitive readings. All of these are meant to help assist you to find peace within yourself and within your relationships as well as to receive guidance from the universe along your chosen path. She is dedicated to helping you embrace the intense love that is waiting just over the horizon. In order to do so, it is important to realize that you deserve a life of happiness and to let go of the fear that stops you from walking into your destiny.

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