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Intention (Dreams that Shaped History)


A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver.
~Lucius Seneca

People claim they can’t afford the time to pay attention to their dreams…I say you can’t afford NOT to. What if the goldmine you have been praying for is not in your backyard, but under your pillow?

My intent with this program, at the very least, is that you will come to see your dreams and your dreaming mind as a powerful conductor for good in your life, and thus be inspired to dedicate a few minutes in the morning to your dreams (before guzzling that first cup of tea or coffee.) My greatest dream for this program is that you will take the tools contained within and become so engaged, so enthralled, and so in sync with your dreams that you will go down in history as one of those dreamers that carried remnants of the dream world into the waking world, and thus left a legacy of true benefit to the entire human race…for eons to come.

Lofty? I think not. Perhaps you will be inspired to up the ante of your dream work/play when you realize you are in good company. The greatest thinkers, scientists, artists, visionaries, and leaders throughout history were ordinary people like you and me, who happened to have a deep respect for dreams. Because of this respect, these mere mortals became legendary as they shaped the world through their contributions to art, science, technology, and spirituality. Many of these people attributed their greatest successes to their ability to carry their dream wisdom and visions across the divide into the three- dimensionality of the waking world. For example:

Our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, attributed the philosophy contained within the Declaration of Independence to their dreams Albert Einstein attributed the theory of relativity to his dreaming mind Thomas Edison credited his dreams for his discovery of electricity

Colonel Harold Dickson made history’s biggest oil discovery (which later became the Kuwait Oil Company) based on guidance illumined in his dream Elias Howe credited his invention of the sewing machine to his dreams A dream led Otto Loewi to a Nobel Prize for his contribution to medicine Paul McCartney praised his dreams for his multi-platinum song, Yesterday Jeff Taylor dreamed of his patent for Monster.com Summer blockbuster movie about dreams, Inception, grossed over $800 million at the box office, was inspired by dreams

Allow me to elaborate a bit more…

Stephenie Meyer was a stay-at-home mom who dabbled with writing from time to time and was certainly not into vampire stories at all. However, one night, she had a dream about a benevolent and hot (as in handsome) vampire who was captivated by the scent of an average girl. This dream was so vivid that Stephenie began to write what became the mega-hit Twilight book. This led to the next in the Twilight series…then the next…then the next…and the rest is her-story. Can you imagine what would have happened if she had shrugged it off as “just a dream?”

Is this phenomenon relegated to just a select few people in this world with especially good karma? Absolutely not! I believe it is special when a person has a dream like this but not unusual. It happens from time to time to everyone…even for those whose karma is questionable.

Here are a few more examples of dreams from ordinary folks (and a few superstars) that made them wealthy, healthy, or famous…

Unsightly Cell Phone Towers: John, a guy from one of my dream workshops, reported dreaming of a beautiful palm tree sprouting out of a cell phone tower. Upon awakening, he jotted down his vision. He has since patented his design and is now making millions of dollars with his “fake tree” designs that cover up the unsightly cell phone towers sprouting up across the nation.

Worm Interrupted: My husband dreamt about a worm being pulled out of his forehead. A few days later he went to the dermatologist who immediately was able to extract a rare “worm like” form of skin cancer-just in the nick of time.

Get a Grip: Golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, attributes his success in part to a dream he had in which he was gripping a golf club differently than he normally did. In real life he’d been having trouble collapsing his right arm and taking the club head away from the ball. However, in his dream, with this new grip, he was swinging perfectly. When he practiced his “dream grip” in real life it worked. “I feel kind of foolish admitting it,” said Nicklaus, “but it really happened in a dream.”

Oil Well In His Own Backyard: In September 1937 the Kuwait Oil Company was unsuccessfully drilling in Bahra…until one night, Colonel Harold Dickson dreamed of a beautiful woman buried in an underground tomb. In his dream the Colonel rescued the damsel in distress, fed her and gave her warm clothes. To repay his kindness she led her hero to an ancient sidr tree, growing alone in the desert. Upon awakening, Colonel Dickson discovered the exact location of this particular tree and shared it with the Sheikh of Kuwait who redirected drilling operations to the area near the lonely sidr tree. Within a few months the Kuwait Oil Company hit on what became the one of the richest oil discoveries in history.

On My Nerves: Dr. Otto Loewi’s dream took place in a laboratory. There were two frog hearts placed apart from one another, the first with its nerves, the second without. In his dream he had the hunch that it was not the nerves that influenced the heart directly…but the chemical substance that was transmitted between the nerves. Upon awakening Dr. Loewi conducted an experiment that proved the theory of chemical transmission (later identified as acetylcholine) of the nerve impulse. In 1936, Dr Loewi was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Embrace Your Inner Frankenstein: During the rainy summer of 1816, at the ripe old age of 18, Mary Shelley dreamed of “…a pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life, and stir with an uneasy, half vital motion. Frightful must it be; for SUPREMELY frightful would be the effect of any human endeavor to mock the stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world.” With the urgings of Lord Byron, Mary Shelley wrote her dream down and expanded it into what is now considered a landmark work of Romantic and Gothic literature.

Opening Pandora’s Box: One morning, in 1995, award winning film director James Cameron awoke breathless from an epic dream whereby he had visited a land called, “Pandora”. In this rainforest-like dreamscape the people were an enlightened hybrid of aliens and humans, speaking a language that was foreign, yet understandable to him.

Luckily for James Cameron (and Avatar fans worldwide) he respected his dream world and took copious notes. Ten years and several technological quantum leaps later, Cameron’s dusty dream notes served as a travelogue for the entire production…a world that Cameron had already visited. “Avatar”, released during the ’09 Holiday season, with a $250 million dollar budget (the biggest movie budget in movie making history), has grossed over 1.686 billion dollars, and counting.

If you are still not sold on the fact that your dreams can catapult your life to riches, stardom, and/or your greatest contribution to humanity (or at least a bit of guidance as to what outfit to wear on your date tomorrow night) …then consider this to be your wake up call. Perhaps the dream you have tonight will be your breakthrough dream to heal your body, solve your problems, lead you to your very own gold mine, or contribute your unique gift to the world.

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Dreams and Sleep

Dreams and Sleep

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