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Single twenty-somethings are the new norm in the U.S. as the number of unmarried adults soars.

Americans love the idea of marriage, and the U.S. leads Western post-industrial countries in the numbers of couples walking down the aisle every year. However, in the history of the United States census, there has never ever been such a high percentage of unmarried adults. Nearly half (46 percent) of Americans between 25 and 34 have never wed.

“In a dramatic reversal,” notes an analysis by the the Population Reference Bureau, “the proportion of young adults in the United States who have never been married now exceeds those who are married.”

Due to concerns about getting careers underway as well as the economy, many young adults casino francais en ligne are cohabitating, but waiting much longer before saying “I do.”

Even though only best online casino half of American adults are married according to a recent survey by the American Community Survey, that doesn’t mean we don’t hold a torch for the institution of marriage or that we’ve stopped doing the wedding march: we´re just doing it, on average, six years later than our parents–on average at age 27 for women and 29 for men.

Fifty years ago, in comparison, 42 percent of American brides married in their teens, with 88 percent of young women wed by age 24. Now, only 7 percent of women make that commitment in their teens; by age 24, only 38 percent are married. Reflecting trends across the world, in U.S. the percentage of people now wed has dropped: only 52 percent of American adults are hitched–with 11 percent of American divorced, 2 percent legally separated, and 32 percent never having married at all. But a recent survey of young adults by Clark University indicates that a whopping 86 percent plan to someday wed, and to make that marriage last their whole life.

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Born in Dayton, Ohio, Melissa Rossi's first words were, "Get me outta here!" She's been moving around since she was 17 — living in Seattle, Portland and assorted other parts of the Pacific Northwest as well as in New York, Vermont, and Florida (let's not talk about Iowa and Kentucky). After writing a book about Courtney Love (Courtney Love: Queen of Noise), which Courtney didn't like, Rossi decided to become a world traveler, and has visited most European countries. She has also lived in assorted parts of Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Fluent in "Spitalnishsian" — an Italian, Spanish blend with a dash of Russian thrown in — Rossi has written for such publications as National Geographic Traveler, Newsweek, MSNBC and George, and is the author of What Every American Should Know about the Rest of the World (Plume/Penguin, 2003). A chronic sufferer of "Urban Deficit Disorder" — she can't focus on one city for long — Rossi probably will never settle down long enough to call one place her home.

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