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One of the world’s foremost psychics, Hans Christian King talks to the dead. He can see inside purses. He’s prevented suicides and murders. He says we need to realize that we come here to this realm for school. And that we’re not alone — we bring friends and guides with us.

As a boy, Hans Christian King always knew what his Christmas presents would be. He could predict to the penny what the groceries would cost before they were rung up at the cash register, and he told his mom what letters would be coming in the mail. He was known to predict automobile crashes. He figured everybody had those abilities.

“I thought everybody had special friends who talked to them and read books to them and took them on adventures out into the universe.” He says at night his imaginary friends often took him to a castle many planets away and showed him large books – of the Akashic Records. “Even though I couldn’t read, I knew what they meant…”

When King told a playmate about one such night-time adventure, the friend was amazed, but terrified. He told him that such occurrences weren’t normal and warned him to not tell anybody else. He might get in trouble. Or worse.
King stopped socializing much, and for a while was confused — all the more when his classmates began reading, and he couldn’t understand what the symbols meant, soon discovering that he was dyslexic.

The day in grade school when he flunked every single class proved to be a turning point. On his way home after learning that he was going to be put into “remedial courses for those considered slow-witted,” he sat on a bench and started to cry. “Why did you do this to me?” he asked his imaginary friends.

There was a loud noise, then he heard a voice, and a native American appeared before him. “Child,” he said, “it isn’t important what they want you to know. It’s important what we want you to know.”

Among the things he learned from his guides, whom he can see, hear and feel: how to stop the distracting chatter in his mind about unimportant matters, and to trust the information he was being given. And he also learned that he could talk to the dead and convey information from beyond.

He’s been receiving messages from unusual sources for over five decades now. “I walk in two worlds at the same time,” says King.

Although he usually turns off his abilities when out in public, his gifts can come in handy when he’s out and about.
He described a short flight he took not long ago in South Carolina. When he sat down on the plane, he knew the door had a leak in it, and wouldn’t properly seal. He told the stewardess, who told the captain, who came back to have a few sharp words with him, while assuring King that the plane system would notify the pilots if there was a problem with the door.

“At 5000 feet,” King recalls, “there was a real loud whoosh…” Indeed the door wasn’t sealing correctly.
He advised the pilot to stay under 8000 feet. And on the ground, he was greeted by authorities. They wondered if perhaps he had done something to the door. They let him go before too long, however. The detective said he wanted to start flying with King.

The psychic has changed the attitudes — and lives — of many he has encountered. Like the night he was walking by a bar and an entity appeared to him and told him that a man inside – the son of the entity – was going to kill himself. Would Hans mind going in and preventing it? He did.

A few years ago, a woman came to him for a psychic reading in his office. He says when she walked in he was immediately informed by his spirit guide that casino she had a gun. “She planned on killing her husband,” he recalls.

In the course of contacting her dead mother, the story came out – her second husband was molesting her daughter.
The woman admitted that she’d come to Hans because she wanted to know if she would go to hell for the upcoming murder.

“I told her there nbso is no hell. But I asked her to reconsider. I said he’d just wake up on the other side.” King convinced her instead to call the police and file charges.

Not all spirits convey messages about emotional tests that lie ahead. Many come in to let us know we’re not alone.
“Most people think they’re alone in their thinking,” he says. “They hope somebody can hear them.” He says others are tuning in to our lives. King says that not only do we come here for school – where we’ve chosen our courses and lessons ourselves – but we also “bring friends, spirits and angels with us” to help along the way.

The medium doesn’t change lives simply by messages from the beyond. He tries to point out the lessons in life.
“Beware of human illusions,” he warns. “There’s nothing you get to keep. Life is a series of experiences while you’re waiting to die. The experiences were sent by you.” That is a key point, he says, one that throws people off their course if they don’t understand it. “Most people don’t live their lives, they live the reaction to their lives. When you actually get that the purpose of the experience is to be not to do, it changes your life. You tap into universal energy. That’s all there is.”

The key, he says, is to realize that while we don’t have control of much of anything, we have the choice of reaction to what we created. And one way to control reactions is to have clear thinking.
“Mind chatter,” he says, “is the single most destructive thing on the planet. How you gain control is simple. It’s called focus.” He likens focusing your thoughts to directing diffuse light into a laser-like beam.
“Learning just to be, harnessing thoughts by focusing, understanding you’re not alone”—those are major lessons in this realm, he says. “And recognizing that there’s nobody better than you. God never sent any half-baked cookies to this world.”

He says that when we die we’re greeted by loved ones and have a celebratory picnic. At some point, we review our lives, and see where we did well and where we fell short. And we’re the ones who are judging ourselves, based on intentions. And we decide if we want to come back and give a whirl again—with a dharmic map that takes us through an assortment of experiences to help us work on our weaknesses.

“Death is the other side of the door from birth,” King says. “When you go out the door and go to school, is that your real world? Or is it when you come back home from school and cross the door into your house?”

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Born in Dayton, Ohio, Melissa Rossi's first words were, "Get me outta here!" She's been moving around since she was 17 — living in Seattle, Portland and assorted other parts of the Pacific Northwest as well as in New York, Vermont, and Florida (let's not talk about Iowa and Kentucky). After writing a book about Courtney Love (Courtney Love: Queen of Noise), which Courtney didn't like, Rossi decided to become a world traveler, and has visited most European countries. She has also lived in assorted parts of Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Fluent in "Spitalnishsian" — an Italian, Spanish blend with a dash of Russian thrown in — Rossi has written for such publications as National Geographic Traveler, Newsweek, MSNBC and George, and is the author of What Every American Should Know about the Rest of the World (Plume/Penguin, 2003). A chronic sufferer of "Urban Deficit Disorder" — she can't focus on one city for long — Rossi probably will never settle down long enough to call one place her home.

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