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Fucoidan: A Life Saver


A quiet revolution has begun, led by a strong little soldier of a molecule found in certain seaweeds, known as Fucoidan.

I first heard about this super nutrient when my mother was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. When traditional medicine wasn’t working, I researched high and low for a something to help her. Finally my internist’s receptionist told me about a doctor with lung cancer whose tumor was actually shrinking from taking high doses of this seaweed.

Seaweed – a cure for cancer? Wanting nothing more than to save my dying mother, I jumped right on it, called the company that was making the most potent form of it, and ordered several bottles on the spot. Despite the company’s encouraging success stories, my mother’s oncologist advised against taking it since he didn’t know what it was. “If you don’t know what it is, how do you know she shouldn’t take it?” I argued. I was struck by how backward his thinking was, but not wanting to go against his treatment plan, I offered him several pamphlets of literature on flucoidan and begged him to look into it. By the time he came back to me and said it was ok, it was months later and my mother couldn’t keep anything down and needed a feeding tube.

Fucoidan was too late to save my mother, but it can save you or someone you know. I want to make sure everyone knows about the power of this miracle herb; it can be your best weapon in the battle against cancer and other degenerative diseases. Laboratory studies show Fucoidan to prevent certain infectious diseases and stop cancer cells from spreading. Undaria (fucoidan seaweed) also stimulates healing and tissue regeneration and decreases the risk of cardiac arrest by stimulating enzymes to break down fats in the liver and lower triglyceride levels. The herb can also combat arthritis, reducing cytokine production and infiltration of white blood cells, thereby reducing the severity of pain of arthritis sufferers.

In Japan, they believe that “food is medicine.” So much of what we need to prevent illness and heal ourselves already exists in nature. Focoidan is one of the best weapons we have in the battle against cancer and other diseases.

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