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Virgo Horoscope for 2012


Demonstrating Wholeness

2012 looks to be a year of extremes, with huge cracks forming in the foundation of society. Perhaps you’ve sensed all along that the systems as they are, wouldn’t last. The same knowing that senses what’s amiss, guides you to your own calm in the storm, out of which something holistic can be established.

The dis-ease of mind, body and spirit, and anxiety about the future is all around us. True health is radical, and an area of dynamic growth. Everyone wants to feel better. You thrive in the new paradigm, and find your role, as a healer, artist, friend, parent, wellness entrepreneur or teacher.

Virgo, your medicine is to understand the scale of what’s broken on a systemic level. You can take the long view, and set in habits that sustain you through the next years of intensity. The great square between Uranus and Pluto is exact in late June and mid-September, but felt all year long. We are in the birthing now to 2015, with all its ecstatic moments, and times of potential danger. You’re uniquely equipped to be a mid-wife to what’s emerging, and to show others how to adapt to quickly changing conditions.

There are several eclipses in 2012 that break apart old ways of thinking. And in that fluid moment, your practical senses are combined with innovation in new ways. It’s a year for experimentation, while keeping your footing as best you can.

Build on activities that are anchoring enough for these chaotic times, the timeless essentials of fortifying nutrition, daily exercise, relaxation/meditation, movement and art. From that base, you soar with new practices or ways of thinking, with the hermit’s routine to keep you steady.

Alternate Routes

An article from Donna Cunningham’s Skywriter on vocational angst for the Pluto-Uranus in Virgo generation, has useful insights for all Virgos. It’s advice to look at self-employment as an option for setting your own standards and quality of life day to day. And that mutable Virgo finds it natural to have slash careers, like artist/teacher/speaker.

My own Virgo husband recently decided that he’s okay with wearing at least four hats, and presenting his offerings that way. This gives you flexibility, to meet the needs of the everchanging market, in areas you’re already skilled in or passionate about. If one area isn’t the moneymaker for you, you’ve got options. You can continue to grow in all areas that pique your interest, adding breadth and depth to your life’s work and areas of engagement with the world. This creates many income streams, too.

Satisfying Doings

It’s astonishing how much you can accomplish — trust your ability to manifest now. Mars in your own sign is vitalizing, and supports doing things your way. Mars is action, and taking care of business, with much laying of groundwork in the first part of 2012. What you’re creating has deep roots, and has the potential to be sustained into the future.

Shifting energies at mid-year find you mixing more, and dispersing your teachings. It’s a very social time, when your friend circle expands tenfold. Taking classes or even teaching them is very rewarding. There’s a sense of play and lightness to lift the scene.

Sexual Healing

The Virgin is a sensual creature, and your libido (via Mars) is on alert. Moving energy through intimacy is a courageous path in 2012. Everything in the body and soul rises for integration. In the refuge of a trusted bond, you flourish.

In singleton times, commit to exquisite self-care and self-love. You’re setting the standard for what you’ll accept from others. Your sex life can be profound and a way to integrate intense energies of 2012, this great time of change.

Young Virgo

A sense of feeling brand new is here in 2012, which appeals to your love of innocence and fresh beginnings. A lively social life picks up at mid-year, with new friends and potential lovers coming your way. You’ll flourish in collectives and collaborations, and find it easy to make connections compared to previous years. A new freedom opens you to feeling a part of the community, and many different kinds of circles. You could find yourself in a teaching role.

When you feel stuck, get the energy moving, with yoga or another whole body-mind-spirit practice. Look to the imagination for a way to expand, when the outer world appears harsh and dark. Your creative gifts really bloom in 2012, and a big part of that is dancing in synch with others.

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