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Taurus Horoscope for 2012


Jovial Taurus

You’re the least likely to see 2012 as the end of the world. But you surely have a keen sense of change happening at the fundamental level, since your observation of materium is finely tuned. Even if inside you’re freaking out at times, your rooted ways make you a calming, trusted player on the world stage this year.

Your wait and see attitude keeps you from jumping on the mass hysteria bandwagon. Or from taking flight from reality, through mindless escapism or distraction. Your sharp practical senses show you how to be resourceful, and build on what’s still a sure thing. Often that means the basics, and what’s nourishing for your strong creative gifts. Your deeply reality-based nature helps you avoid getting sucked into the drama. You can see enormous gains in 2012, by staying close to what has substance and fertilizes your dreams.

At the same time, Jupiter (in Taurus) has marked you for good things and surprise growth, through mid-year. You’ve been experimenting with your edges, and getting used to going beyond your comfort zone. By now, you’ve hit any walls, and gone beyond them. You’ve likely had many breakthroughs, and are well aware of the need to stay flexible, and be ready to change course.

Satisfying Productions

Spring (especially March) is a great time to get in on the ground floor of any opportunity, with another Jupiter- Pluto alignment to dig into the richest ground possible. This combo shows you where even more buried treasure lies! The psychic clearing that goes along with this pops open doors unexpectedly. Be prepared for astonishing realizations that you are ready to act on fully.

What you plant in Spring is sure to flourish, on such fertile ground. Trusting change (sometimes radical) is a challenge for us all, and especially for the security-craving Bull. ButJupiter, the booster of faith in life, has been especially active on your behalf, since June 5th of last year (2011). Allow this gift of faith to carry you forward, in times when you’re called again and again in 2012 and beyond, to let go of what is, for what could be.

If you’re looking for income streams, identify a need that isn’t going to change — an essential — and fulfill that need for others. It may have to do with basics like water, soil, land, currency, clothes, food, energy (electricity). If you’re artistic, it could be the timeless need for beauty or healing.

Collaborate in Community

As Jupiter moves on into Gemini, in mid June, it’s time to scatter the seeds of what you’ve gleaned from your depths. You get restless to show others what you know, or conveying your wisdom through an art form. It’s fun to compare notes with others, and share ideas on what works, what doesn’t. After a period of consolidating your skills, you’re now ready to share widely — and this brings you into a lively, rich social scene with varied contacts from all walks of life.

You take your ideas out into the world this year, and benefit from many social exchanges. New opportunities come from joining collectives — trade organizations, guilds, co-ops, and art alliances. The second half of the year brings satisfying collaborations that take you by surprise. Your social curiosity gets you out and mixing, and eager to combine resources, toward a goal. But the practical side comes in, too, with more neighborly interdependence, when it’s possible to lighten each others’ loads. You’re a dependable force, in a time when so many are anxious about the future. Don’t doubt your gifts, and act on your inner sense of mission, about your role to play.

Mars on Your Side

Mars in ally earth sign Virgo through to early July helps you work out the kinks and stretch. Some Bulls tense up in stressful times, or pack on the pounds. Mars is here to help you refine your routine, and bring out your inner health nut. You’re ready to make small changes that make you feel cleaner inside and out. If you feel heavy of spirit or body (or possessions), Mars is the busy bee for reorganizing, detoxing, rearranging for more balance.

The last year has helped you get clear on your priorities. Mars spurs you on, to refine your skills, techniques, and consider new approaches. You’re motivated to get in the flow each day, instead of giving in to the Bull’s lazy side. A physical practice like yoga complements this drive to find your productive groove. Your health flourishes this year, because you’re ready to adapt, and to digest old experiences that hold you back because they’re lodged in your body or being.

Venus in Love

You flourish with lovers and friends who encourage that sense of sharing what you know. Instead of hunkering down in survival mode, you gain security with more social interaction. Your local community benefits greatly from your know-how, and/or aesthetic sensibility.

It may be time to put what you know into writing form, as an e book, or to offer as a workshop. With a more visible role, or taking the work you love to the next level, you meet others who can support your passion. Look for loves that challenge any stuckness, and cheer you on when you are generous with your love and many gifts.

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