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Scorpio Horoscope for 2012


Hothouse Flowers

The heat and stress of our time intensifies in 2012, for an atmosphere that activates your equally intense will to thrive. You’ve got an instinct for making the most of any crisis, recognizing that the charge, conflict and chaos makes it a time of heightened potential.

Saturn, the great teacher, is in your sign starting in early October 2012. Welcome this demanding guest with humility, and you’ll be led step by step to a great restructuring. Saturn is order, discipline, focus, stripping to the essence — all traits of the Scorpion. Your ruler Pluto is already in Saturn’s own Zodiac sign Capricorn for double the Saturnian weightiness.

What does this mean for Scorpio? One outcome is that Saturn’s stay in your sign to 2015, during this epic Uranus-Pluto square, is the most fruitful time of your life. You show uncommon courage, and assist others, in bearing these great tensions. As you’re tested in the high art of creation and destruction, and further creation, you demonstrate this magic to others.

Beauty in Every Cycle of Life

Your sign Scorpio is a gatekeeper of the hidden mysteries. And in 2012, the dying of the old, and loss of the familiar, is sure to be a shock to many. Some will not know how to carry on. Your penetrating sight allows you to perceive this life and death struggle in another, and offer just the right medicine to catalyze them forward.

As a healer, lover, mother, sister, brother, friend, teacher, artist and colleague, your psychic strength offers a light in the darkness for those that cross your path. If there’s profound loss, you have the soul patience to wait for the seed to crack open. This wisdom is comforting to others, and after mid-year, you might find avenues of sharing your insights more widely.

So much struggle comes from resisting loss, even if it means going forward in a kind of surreal trance. Look for ways to communicate the hidden opportunity in letting go of the shore. Share strategies for finding faith in the void, that time in-between “lives,” when the old is gone, but the new is not known. In a time of reinventing ourselves, you’re there to teach us how to die to who we’ve been, shed a skin, and have trust in that seemingly interminable time of surrender. You might work with these themes in art, music, dance, performance, or as a wellness entrepreneur.

Taking yourself seriously this year is what the Saturn meet-up is all about. Beyond just using the mind to create, the real secret is the force of imagination, applied to worthy goals. Scorpio, use your ability to imagine, to create out of that void in 2012. This sets you up for an unbelievably abundant creative life in 2013, when Neptune (Pisces) harmonizes with Saturn. Gain the skills now, for your artistry to take flight.

Revelatory Times

More secrets are revealed in 2012, for those that are paying attention. And November looks to be a doozie for buried truth erupting up to the surface. Mercury’s retrograde starting Nov 6th begins in Sagittarius and cycles back to your sign Scorpio, for a deeper look at what’s been happening. Then there’s a total solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th, with a New Moon, that looks to be a portal of regeneration.

It’s a time for uncovering, and finding rebirth from deep in the core of the self. It’s helpful to have daily practices in place that help you integrate all that arises. You might want more solitude, but also crave intimacy with your most trusted circle. This is a powerful time for shared rituals with those that can meet the gravitas of the moment.

All told, 2012 looks to be one of drama, courageous acts and going beyond your known limits. Continued apocalypse, or unveiling leads to awe and a sense of expansion as the human inheritance, or DNA, is activated. There can be areas of knowledge-seeking, into ancient mysteries, that are relevant for today. They might just show up in your media-making, art, essays or blogs, in consultations or conversations. Your excavating of buried treasure is a building block for the new.

Yours is a sign of emotional strength and a realistic mindset, and these two traits help you build a healthy life out of the ashes of the old. You’re the Phoenix rising from the flames, a colorful and rare bird that is a thing of beauty to behold.

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