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Sagittarius Horoscope for 2012


Landing and Launches

A high stakes Dragon year, 2012 is a ride with thrills and chills, that stretches you in many directions. Your spot-on instincts pulse stronger, when you’re acting in ways that ripple encouragement out to others. Altruistic goals find more traction than ones that are purely personal. A motivating factor is acting for the whole and in holistic ways.

There are eclipses that jostle you out of any sense of certainty, but awaken you to heightened perception. From the new views, you’re able to spy possibilities that weren’t on your radar before. Keep an open mind, and let it be okay not to plan too far ahead. The situation is so dynamic, that keeping your freedom of movement is essential. Steer clear of choices that lock you in a groove for the next few years.

You’re one to snap to sudden chances with ease, and this keeps you in motion all year. A long Mars retrograde (Jan 24 to mid-April) in precise Virgo tests your patience. It’s a challenge to come down to earth with your actions, and adapt to conditions on the ground. Stay near allies who have that practical mindset, and discover for yourself a new thread of commonsense. This stretch is super for refining your skills, simplifying to the basics, and breaking down far-reaching goals into achievable steps.

If there are unsettling times, a rigorous daily practice that engages mind, body and spirit is your touchstone. Look to your planets in earth signs, for your natural strengths in manifesting. And look to your earth houses for grounded arenas to earth the wild currents surging through.

Mercurial Singeing

There’s plenty to keep your curious mind titillated, with Mercury’s retrogrades all starting off infire signs for 2012. The first is Aries beginning March 12th, for epiphanies that remind you of the power of your own authority — the source that emerges from within.

Mid-July’s retrograde in Leo is time to pick up any dropped threads in your unique story. A great time to revive your enthusiasm, for self-expression, a love of romance and being in the spotlight. Later in the year (Nov 6th), Mercury starts cycling back in your sign, and into penetrating Scorpio. A situation can be filled out with greater depth, which brings on its own revelations.

I heard it said recently that knowledge banishes fear, and in 2012, new frames of awareness change everything for you. Looking at Mercury with a wide-angle lens foretells adventures in learning and seeking that outshine the anxiety of our times. You find new ways to share what you’re seeing on the far horizon. With your humor and spontaneous instinctual mind, you burn off all that entangles us in the heavy doom or pessimism. Your voice has the power to free us.

A new variety of intelligences fuses in 2012, with the imagination and psychic depths adding dimension to what you know. You become as much a mystical traveler as a real world one.

Free Love & Integrity

The primal beat is strong in 2012, and that awakens your strong drive toward learning by doing. The one who acts, grows by leaps and bounds. In love, this can mean affairs that widen your world, and an ever spiraling out friendship circle.

Another strong influence is the pressure to be balanced, to give as much as we take. A Saturnian demand in relationships is to harmonize, have integrity, and be responsible to those that walk beside us in life. The urge to pair up and find security in that one-on-one rhythm.

A theme as the year goes on, is quality over quantity, and having the courage to reveal your soul to another. The underlying dynamics of sexual energy, as a current to heal and transform, can cause you to draw new boundary lines. Your sexual life can be where the sacred and the earthly meet in 2012.

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