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Pisces Horoscope for 2012


The Center That Holds
The last few years have felt ultra chaotic for many Pisces, with electric Uranus in your sign. How many personas have you worn lightly, and how many phases have come and gone like passing clouds?

The paradox of so many breakthroughs and shatterings, is to be hooked on the stimulation of that much change. The restlessness to keep at your edge and experience those jolts of growth (artistic and spiritual) stays revved. You’re primed for the spontaneous shifts and uprisings in 2012. And because you’re less attached to “what is,” you show enormous courage when the times call for creative risk.

When it seems that time itself is speeding up, you embody the center that holds, and this makes you a sought out friend and healer. Your expressions of what’s timeless in art, dance, music, performance, reminds us of our own homebase of soul. You light the way to find security, in a time of great fear and anxiety.

The dynamic cauldron of the epic Uranus-Pluto square (to 2015) continue to purify and burn off the swampy holdings of your mind-body-spirit. You begin to defy stereotypes, as you show more edge, determination and passion than ever before. You’re less waterlogged, and more defined, and this sense of self boosts your confidence in 2012 and beyond.

Neptune’s Great Waters

After this experience of spinning so erratically with change, Neptune arrives in your sign in 2012. Neptune is your ruler, and this is an auspicious ingress, for your poetic and artistic nature. The inspiration flows like never before.

Take more time for solitude, to meander through and integrate your own impressions. In 2012, your self-expression finds traction and tangible form. This becomes more palpable toward the end of the year, when steadying Saturn goes into fixed water Scorpio. What’s set in, especially after Autumn, is the inner drive to be thorough in your endeavors. Some hidden reserves of discipline kick in, and you’re able to find a productive groove.

Tried and True Love

If a relationship is not based on a union of the soulful center, it’s not likely to hold your interest in 2012. You’re attracted to those that reach you deeply, and pull out more of your inner treasure. Your social life can become even more eclectic in 2012, and travel introduces you to people from all walks of life.

There’s an atmosphere of lightness toward the end of the year, but with surprising moments of raw honesty or directness. Everyone you meet is a teacher, with some kind of revelation about yourself or life. You can enjoy the full spectrum with less attachment and neediness. From light passing acquaintances to the most intimate bonds, your cup overfloweth in 2012, if you keep your heart open.

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