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Libra Horoscope for 2012


The Fired-Up Individual

These are Saturnian times, and that planet has been an ally on your path for the last two years, Libra. Saturn is the kind of friend that shows us where we’ve hit a dead end, and makes it super hard to keep repeating unhealthy patterns. We’re cured of being all talk and no action, as Saturn makes it impossible to rest on laurels, or coast on fumes. Be proud of what you’ve overcome, and build on that newly solidified sense of self.

You emerge streamlined and a lot more fearless, after Saturn’s flyby to your Sun. Saturn is in Libra to the 1st week in October, for final lessons of restructuring and integration. Saturn transits aren’t easy, but they leave you feeling substantial, fiercely focused, and ready to meet what comes your way.

Having faced some of your defenses against confrontation, you’re ready to fight or be provocative when necessary. You’re ready to take a stand, acting on your conscience, or a vision of what could be. Libra, use your sense of timing and tact, to avoid irrational or entrenched powers that are beyond reason or rule of law. You may be a warrior within the system, rather than on the outside. Other times, it may feel right to break away from what’s established, especially if there are many kindred spirits ready to take that leap with you.

Libra (October 5, 1936) Vaclav Havel died last year, having had a full life as playwright, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and the last president of Czechoslovakia. His life is testament to the power of art and a truth-seeking mind, even in a time of great repression. In an essay onTotalitarianism and Stories, he writes about the need for stories, to counterbalance sameness, uniformity, and loss of what he calls historiocity. What he’s talking about is loss of context, a sense of living in a particular time and place, which makes us lose power and footing. And that with it comes a loss of individuality that puts us at risk of losing our humanity. He writes, “We do not yet know how to talk about it because the traditional forms of storytelling fail us here.”

Your power tool, Libra is the sharp sword of an illumined intellect. In these years, you demonstrate the power of an idea to catch on like a wildfire, and rouse people to action. Whether it’s as an artist, a pioneer in eco-design, a teller of stories, counselor or minister, your words move people to live out the finer ideals of humanity.

Parable of the Scales for 2012

Libra medicine is in demand now, with systems of commerce in chaos. Mythologist John Lash speaks of the Parable of the Scales, as the necessary instinct to re-set value of real goods against measures. In times of corruption, the measures (the left pan) are thrown out of whack, leading to gross inequity.

You excel in areas where a re-balancing is taking place, and a sense of value is being defined. You could find yourself as the go-between, in bartering or dispute situations, as more take a DIY approach to commerce. You shine in areas where trusted leadership is necessary to restore order. The financial upheaval is a biggie, and your instinct for fairness helps you weather the storm. You’re able to set in a people-based economy, in your local sphere, that works in any transition period.

Deeper Love

Any relationships that have survived the last two years have likely been through trials of maturation. You can be sure of your love now, having shown raw sides of yourself and risked it all to grow as an individual. This is the basis for deepening intimacy and trust.

If you’re single, your self-awareness attracts similarly enlightened lovers and friends. There’s more freedom to be who you are, and let the chips fall where they may. This creates space in relationship, and paradoxically, more trust as both are allowed to be who they truly are. You explore even more layers of psychic terrain into 2012, which flavors your art and all your relationships.

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