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Leo Horoscope for 2012


Leo Shine

You’ll love the fiery drama of this Dragon year. The atmosphere of risk is one you thrive in. Being over-the-top, Leo-style, is the right medicine in 2012, when it’s delivered from a generous heart. Luck favors the outrageous and the daring. Let your natural warmth percolate up, and spill over, despite it all.

Be realistic about your audience, though, and use heightened intuition to know when to go into performance mode. Conserving your energy with downtime, to reflect and integrate, are counterbalances to all the upsurges of enthusiasm.

Your dignity in dire situations lifts everyone up. You’re able to cheer on those around you, and encourage them to act on that pulsing spark of passion. You turn on even the dimmest bulbs, inspiring them to find their own light source.

Emphatic Words

Every Mercury retrograde this year starts in a fire sign, for blazing messages about your role to play. You pick up passions that were dropped or buried. It’s time for great aliveness of mind, that helps you make the most of sudden opportunities. And trust your instinctual self, that gut level knowing, in order to act spontaneously and with confidence.

And these mental vacations are another chance to refine your self-presentation. Mercury’s first retrograde is in Aries (starting March 12), to take a look at how words catalyze, or move you forward. Look at where pride or wilfulness, or fighting just to fight become stumbling blocks that keep you from surging forward.

Mercury’s retro in Leo (starting July 14) takes you to the beating heart of your self-sourced gifts. Your focus can be reined in, with more clarity around your sense of purpose. Finally, Mercury in mutable Sadge into Scorpio (starting November 5), is for clearing your own hidden motives, to be a pure spontaneous voice. There’s a purifying effect, with fire burning off entangling verbiage, and your own places of psychic stagnation. All part of a year to share your vital voice, in its most free form, liberated from too much fixed thinking.

Joie de Vivre

Your lust for life is contagious, and snaps others out of their funk. Be generous with your smiles and kindness. Love takes a universal turn, for a sense of falling in love with life itself. A new font of self erupts in 2012, with great physical stamina to act on its demands. The epic tensions in the air aggrandize your passion for life as an adventure.

As you release pressures to keep up appearances, and drop the need for fleeting status-type accoutrement, the new wealth bursts through. Do all you can to minimize stress, especially over things (services, high ticket items) that are part of your past. It’s a year of self-creation and extraordinary risks, and letting the old naturally fall away.

Be a health billionaire, and experiment with new approaches to feeling good and proud of who you are. Wellness entrepreneur David Wolfe, a (Sun) Leo, writes with gusto on true wealth, in Why I am Not a Millionaire. He writes of the generosity of spirit that generates true wealth. Says Wolfe, “And true wealth (or happiness in oneself) is directly proportional to the happiness one brings to others.”

The igniting energies of fire put you in action mode. 2012 is a year to come out bursting with all your flavors, in business, art, as a friend and lover.

Your drive finds traction, when you mind the whole system of the self. With Mars Virgo as motivator, listen to your body for what it needs. Find fullness with the other elements — sensual grounding, intellectual stretching and self-care to flush and refill your emotional waters.

Unique Cliques

You’re a social creature, and restlessness this year adds variety to your friend circle. A local event with a compelling cause widens your friend horizon. Form super bonded loyalty groups to weather the hard times. Set a goal for yourself that thrills you, and puts you in contact with other ambitious people.

Steer the drama toward your quest for personal achievement and self-expression. Intimacy deepens in 2012, as you’re tested like never before — and others show up, in ways that surprise you. Your gifts of encouragement are priceless — they could even be a lifesaver for someone on the edge. As my best Leo friend says, “take care of your good fine self” — be your own best friend. Your very lit and warm presence is a gift in a dark time. Surround yourself with and seek out those who also cheer you on when you shine.

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