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Gemini Horoscope for 2012


Brilliance of the Jester

Get ready for some Jupiter-sized lucky breaks in 2012 Gemini! Your brand of intelligence and magic is in demand, especially the second half of the year. Let go of stories based on old systems, and go for total immersion in the new. As a creature of change, you can show others that there’s no fixed way of living in the so-called end times.

More than many other signs, you’re more able to let the river push you, rather than trying to push the river. You’ve got a light grip on “reality” that allows for quick and constant revision.

This easy going attitude to ‘what is,’ sets you up to act quickly in times of unpredictable change. It’s a Dragon year, of dramatic and exciting change, but also of intense agitation and anxiety for many, about what’s going to happen. You provide a priceless service, when you delight others, and tease out new understandings.

Your genius for taking things lightly, in the midst of doom and gloom, can make you a local or national treasure. You can find rewards (abundance, growth), too, by following those gifts and sharing them with your circle or world.

Jupiter the luck-bringer goes into your sign in mid-June! Thus begins your Jupiter year. One when your Gemini nature is supported, with encouragements, allies, travel, love and friendship, financial gains — all from following what feels right and taking steps to grow.

Do all you can to prepare yourself in the first half of 2012, for opportunities to come fast and furious in the second half. If you know where you want to be, make plans now to get there. If you’re heart is set toward a particular direction, make that your focus. Make it real by taking small steps to lay the ground for it to happen. Gain skills, or take a service role, with an eye to growing into it all.


Gemini, prepare for launch in 2012, with two eclipses in your sign. The first is a Solar eclipse at the magic 0 degree Gemini on May 20th. This Gemini New Moon is nicely in synch with your solar return (birthday) month, when the Sun vitalizes your being – and you’re most yourself.Let new currents become the norm, as old limiting or self-destructive thought loops fade away.

Trust your gifts for collecting, making collages or musical medleys and putting pieces together in new forms. Find productive applications for your gifts of mercurial mixing and matching. You are a walking social commentator, who brings much needed lightness to the scene in 2012. Show others how little is set in stone, and how there’s a funny or absurd side to the apocalypse (unveiling).

There’s a lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini, on November 28th, at 6 degrees (still in first decan of inititating). Seek out worldly activities that are a match for the snapping synapses within. 2012 could be the year of being super prolific with your writings and observations. All signs point to innovation in whatever you choose to alight on – from fashion to being an educator, joining an improv troupe, or starting your own internet radio show. Trust the faster pace, and enjoy the ride!

In Love

The last two years have brought you to greater self-understanding in relationships. There’s a Saturnian gravity now in relationships, which makes it harder to just ‘hang out’ until the right thing comes along. A serious commitment is possible now, or a deepening of what’s been established. This stability in love, with infinite freedom to grow, gives you a strong base of support. Something similar may be happening with friendships, and connections with colleagues, supervisors, teachers or students.

2012 looks to be a time of varied social connection, collaboration and putting heads together. But there’s also a strengthened experience of the one-on-one, as a way to come into balance, and enjoy the combined power of partnership in different forms.

2012 Tips for Gemini

  • Stay sane by cutting out distractions that make your mind too full. Soothe your nervous system by taking the time to ‘come down’ from all the stimulation. A daily habit of simple presence, stepping out of the info matrix, helps you make space for new currents to come in.
  • Stay as free as possible, from old entanglements that tie you up. The stability for the next while, with Uranus squaring Pluto to 2015) is found in change.
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