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Capricorn Horoscope for 2012


Bright Side of Pluto

Many Capricorns are discovering a new life via the blessings-in-disguise delivered by Pluto. This planet turns us inside out, and what’s no longer necessary, falls away. Pluto is stripping away what’s not part of the Sun’s core vitality, and its extreme heat burns away stagnation. In 2012, this is especially true for Capricorns with Suns at 7 to 9 degrees, as Pluto moves back and forth here through the year.

It’s also an epic year of being catalyzed by original genius, with the Pluto square to Uranus in Aries. Energies this grandiose call out for a substantial challenge! You’ll be restless to test your own limits, and see what you can accomplish.

You play a historic role, and could get swept up in events greater than yourself. A philosophy of letting go, eases your way, and makes any loss less painful. It’s the wisdom to sacrifice what is, for what can be, even if there’s a time of freefall, when you’re face-to-face with the void. A great deal of faith gets you through, and your own legendary ability to persevere!


It’s not a word you hear much, but a natural trait of Capricorn — impeccability. 2012 calls for total honesty with yourself and others. Any shady areas, where you’re tempted to control or manipulate others, has devastating consequences. You confront the roots of a need to control, and gain freedom in that. Others trust you and want to follow your lead, when they sense you’re aligned with a higher principle.

Capricorn is a sign of ethical standards, and to live with integrity, at times, can feel radical. But this is how you blaze a trail, and inspire others to set a new standard in business, relationships and productivity.

Capricorn the constellation is associated with the horn of plenty or cornucopia. By being true to your own values, you steadily create abundance in 2012. By sweeping the cobwebs out, and whittling off the excess, you discover inner treasures that make you come alive. You feel that direct sensual joy of life, which has a renewing effect. Indulge that call with embodiment practices — massage, spa visits, planting in nature, gardening and delights of the senses.


In 2012, you gain greater understanding of hidden dimensions of human behavior. It can be a year of profound intimacy, as you confront any need to hold on to the familiar. External circumstances may rip what you think you need, from your cold “dead” hands. By dying to what was, you find that you’re still alive! This is the gift of Pluto in your Zodiac sign. You face your own night terrors, of losing it all, only to realize you still have yourself.

The presence of Pluto and Saturn’s entry into Pluto-ruled Scorpio sets you up for mastery of deep and soulful relationships. The fires of Pluto are intense and purifying. There can be times of confrontation, when you or your beloved friend or lover draws boundaries.

It’s a time when relationships can feel like a life and death matter. This can lead to abrupt endings and bad breakups with a lot of psychic confusion. There’s also the chance for rare trust, and deepening commitment, as you bravely explore the dark places of the psyche together. In friendship and love, there can be risks of closeness that are profoundly healing.

Springing and Rooting

Spring is a time to jump chasms, and you’re ready, having built up to the moment. LuckyJupiter is trine to Pluto in your sign once again in Spring, steadying the firmament of what you’ve been creating. You flourish and emerge strong, as all of nature comes alive, having rooted yourself in only the most fertile soil.

A leap could be to establish a business, or invest in a growing network of collaborators. It’s time to get in on the ground floor of a promising venture that is both practical and innovative.

Wisdom of Self-Love

There’s an element of trial and error that shouts out not to be too hard on yourself in 2012. Be compassionate with your own faults, as they can be magnified in times of extreme instability. It’s an experimental time through 2015, when there’s a lot of raw energy and shifting real-world conditions. There can be much out of your control, as you take instinctual action in the moment.

The Hopis prophesied that some would feel torn apart in this time. The ripping apart aspect of the Uranus-Pluto square, and other influences in 2012, bring out deeply compulsive behaviors. This could take you by surprise, but is a sign of being cracked open, where new seeds of growth can be found.

By facing core fears, you come away with a kind of warrior fearlessness. Courageous self-awareness leads to powerful integrity that’s a strong base to build on. Others sense this in your character, and treat you with respect. Yours is a sign of self-mastery and the raw material of the psyche and soul is your medium.

Get used to surrendering control, and opening to what’s hidden, as your ruler Saturn goes into Scorpio (early October). You may be drawn to ancient mysteries, tantra, soul-retrieval and other rich metaphysical goodies. As a cardinal earth sign, there’s also much to explore via Earth’s energy, by visiting sacred places, encounters with elementals or nature spirits, or reading the Akashic records. You find the power you seek, by aligning with the intelligence of Gaia, as she alters her resonance. Being attuned to animals, supernatural signs from nature, and the rhythm of the seasons (or the Moon), you find your footing.

A key to staying healthy is keeping your emotional waters moving, so you don’t freeze or feel cut off from your own underground reserves. Spend time near the ocean and rivers, and take time to defrost in the intimacy of your bath. A commitment to yourself, to make space for relaxation and self-nurturing in 2012, sets in a habit of circular time, that’s in synch with this time of no time. It puts you into a rhythm that’s sustainable.

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