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Cancer Horoscope for 2012


Rousing Year

As a Moonchild, you’re caught in the cardinal churning of the historic square between Uranus and Pluto. The revolution is on, both personally and collectively! Your fighting spirit is fiercely activated. But your emotional intelligence and warmth bring empathic understanding to any clashes.

Your emotional courage inspires others, and puts you in the position to lead and be a pioneer in your own way. Expressing the emotional truth of the moment can make you a provocative figure. But it could be just the medicine needed to bring sanity or balance to the situation. Trust your contribution, and the impressions you’re picking up.

Things get more “novel” and even drastic, with urgent upsurges, or events that keep dislodging more from your personal foundation. There’s a sense of excavation continuing, to release what’s dead, and unearth reserves of personal strength. There’s a maturation process underway, that isn’t easy, but makes it possible to overcome insecurity, self-protection or ill-defined inertia, and achieve great things! From one Crab to another, buck up and prepare for an arduous, but incredibly stirring journey to 2015.

Cancer, there’s no way to coast or stagnate, as constant pressures jar you to dig deeper, and take more risks. This means exposing your vulnerability, which in the right situations, is your greatest strength. Intense discernment is key, to know when to trust, and when to go into self-protection mode.

You will move through and integrate deep and dark layers of the psyche like butter. The warrior in you comes out, to fight your way out of inertia. As you take leaps, and temporarily lose equilibrium, your security fears rise to talk you out of change. But there’s no going back, once you’ve found traction in a direction that looks promising.

Make time to digest all your experiences, for optimal clarity. You might have to make super fast decisions, and some may be impossible to undo. Don’t get on the wrong side of authorities on a power trip. Do all you can to simplify finances and stay up to date with official documents, for your own peace of mind.


2012 is the year of the imagination for the Crab with the planet of collective dreams, Neptune,moving forward in Pisces. You are an imaginative giant already. Neptune in its own sign of enchantment draws you into atmospheres and moods, where your gifts take flight. Trust and respect what is revealed, and seek ways to share with others.

Later in the year (1st week of October), Saturnmoves into the depths of Scorpio. If you’ve ever had artistic leanings, it becomes a full blown preoccupation to express yourself — through story, dance, film, visual arts, the healing arts, music, design, etc.

You’re in a position to play the role of artist-as-shaman, to bring personal meaning out into the public realm. Some of what you handle is dark, or has a dangerous feel, like the problem of evil (greed, psychopathy) in our time. Through the very personal and human, you share your gifts widely. As a presence and creative person, you have the power to move, heal and comfort others in a time of emotional extremes.

As you rehab places within that have been forsaken, you show others the path to redemption. You’re a trailblazer, in a world hungry for personal meaning, intimacy, and a sense of belonging. An entrepreneurial idea that empowers women, or is a tool of self-care, finds a receptive market.

You show pathways through the power of imagination, as you find them yourself. This is your top asset, and can lead to more flow in all areas, when you invest in it as an infinite resource.

Love in the Deep End

Situations demand your full presence, without the possibility to hide. Look at provocations that hit your defenses, as a chance to face those inner fears. A new authenticity comes into all your relationships, with soulful becoming the norm. This takes you out of habits of shielding yourself, by being aloof, into truly dynamic friendships and love affairs.

Let love in more this year, and take an active attitude toward cultivating a rich social life. In romantic love, but also with everyone that crosses your path, you have a chance to experience the heartbreaking beauty of real genuineness, in all its raw or spontaneous splendor. This is a year for true intimacy, with friends, family and those you don’t expect to reveal themselves. As you show your own true depths, you give others more than you know.

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