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Aries Horoscope for 2012


A Very Aries Year

It’s the year of the Dragon, the Chinese sign that goes big or goes home. Go big in 2012! The fast momentum, with a sense of relentless novelty creates an atmosphere in which you thrive. This is a very lucky year for Aries in many ways!

It’s time to spread your wings fully, and breathe fire in the right moments! A passionate love life, bold new creative ventures, unexpected adventures, entrepreneurial good fortune. Be prepared to act in the moment, and trust your instincts.

If you don’t trust your instincts, because of where they’ve led you in the past, get to the very bottom of that this year. Mars in Virgo, the sign of purification and healing, helps ground you in a daily practice. With fearless moral courage to look within, a daily rhythm that helps you integrate all that comes up. Watch out for mania this year, as Uranus electrifies your entire being. With time to settle, and many rituals of coming down to Earth, you confront any behaviors that tend to throw you off balance, or lead to reckless moves.

Evolutionary Spark in Aries

The revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square (exact this year June 24th and September 19th), takes you deeper into your psychic and even genetic foundations than you thought possible. You get to the heart of what it takes to manifest your wildest dreams. An unprecedented sense of fortitude rises to meet your drive to be at your edge. From this year to 2015 and beyond, you inspire others with your ability to meet the raw energy of the moment.

If 2011 brought disappointments, it’s likely they were plans tied up with the old paradigm. Your legendary ability to let go serves you now! Keep your focus on what you’re creating, and trust that what’s ended (especially what was out of your control), is not part of your emerging future.

You ground those intense currents of surging energy felt in 2012, when you connect to the Earth’s energy. This is a way to ally with Gaia, to handle the extraordinary pulses of the Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto in Capricorn, takes us to the heart of earthly power. It’s interesting to note that earthly, or Telluric currents, are also known as Dragon currents.

Take time to be as slow and wise as nature, to counterbalance the fast shocks of the new energies coming in. Find ways to be a warrior for the planetary body and all its life forms. Working with trees, performing in nature, or visiting sacred sites could make it real for you.

Real Love

A big love is possible for you in 2012, as you revel in who you are — and others are attracted to your bravery and lit up style. You go farther with someone who keeps it real, and will challenge when your fire becomes destructive. This is a year when delusion and illusion can play tricks on us, and lead us into quagmires that tie up emotional/creative energy.

Your freedom of movement is necessary, to grow in ways that may not even be clear at the start of 2012. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) freshen your mind, and keep you in a healthy seeking mode. Be wary of admirers who satisfy your ego, but let you get away with too much. Seek out lovers who are willing to grow with you, even if that feels risky and at times, very unstable.

2012 Tips for Aries

  • Take the long view, with these agitating influences here to stay through 2015. It’s key to use them as raw material for your growth, and not to drive any destructive tendencies. You will reinvent yourself many times, and evolve in ways that seem incredible.
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Aries in mid-March, beginning a time of clarifying your vision. Into April, there are incredibly dynamic aspects, to find a voice that’s free from limiting ideas, and informed by what’s just cracking on the horizon. If you have your feet on the ground, you are poised to blaze a trail. You become the great actor you’ve seen dancing across the stage of your imagination.
  • Connect your own personal ambitions to service to the whole — this adds fuel to your fire, and keeps you from being too self-focused. It also makes others more willing to follow your lead.
  • If you are being shaken to the foundations, set in health habits that fortify your overall health. Make time for downtime and emotional replenishment to avoid burnout. Be near water, soak, mist yourself or visit waterfalls, take up water sports, go boating, cultivate close friendships, etc, to stay moist and avoid depletion.
  • Keep challenging your own thinking patterns — this is where dramatic inner change will expand your sense of possibilities.
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