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Aquarius Horoscope for 2012


Imagining Divine Order

Your less celebrated ruler Saturn begins the year in a trine to dreamweaver Neptune. This is a time for artful creations that have a touch of the sublime or spiritual. And for general high-mindedness in relationships that raises the bar, and brings kindred spirits your way.

Neptune influences all of culture, and is at the anaretic (last) degrees of your signAquarius. You could have a role to play in media, entertainment or the arts. Your observation of culture makes you a sharp observer. Stay cosmically online to receive steady streamings that crystallize the realizations of the last few years.

Original beauty, compassion, a fix on higher ideals — this early trine in 2012 emboldens ideas that are Venus-approved and therefore lovely. You are especially articulate, and can inspire others to break through crusty old paradigms to the other side. As Waterbearer, your sights are on what’s at the leading edge of consciousness.

Marinate in these mysterious new vibes, and pass on what stimulates or shocks the rest of us out of feeling like the fix is in. Your jolts revive our spirits and minds.

You find structure for your wildest imaginings, and it’s a great year to collaborate.

Neptune leaves your sign, and will trine Saturn once again in Autumn, but this time in water signs (Pisces-Scorpio). This begins a time of more soulful presence, and deeper adventures into mystical realms. If you have walls that keep you emotionally isolated, these dissolve, opening you to greater intimacy.


This is a year of sudden eruptions from within the human spirit, that as with volcanic lava, create new landscapes. This dynamic is with us to 2015, with your other ruler Uranus throwing sparks with transformer Pluto. What new lands and landing points will be created for you in 2012? Look to your planets in Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) and earth houses in the birth chart, for areas to tangibly express all that’s emerging.

There’s no shortage of high voltage currents in 2012. Novelty comes at us fast and furiously. This is a pace you feel at home in. You’ll find deep satisfaction, and be able to manifest like crazy, in areas that ground that inspiration. Take time to prioritize, to find aim, out of a sense of life purpose. Your dream life, as messages from the soul, deliver hints, if you ask before dropping off.

Be a clearer receiver through detoxing in 2012, and raising your standard of wellness. A practice that brings you into your body bridges that gap, and soothes your wired nerves. Acupuncture, moving meditation and energy healing, are also ways to get there. Eat foods that fortify, rather than jack you up. The first part of the year is about digesting, for a cleaner vessel. You won’t want to miss any signals from the part of you that dwells full-time in the stars.

Dancing at the Revolution

You’ve had some demands in relationship, and found the quiet happiness is being reliable. You’re more aware of who you are in friendships and love affairs, and possibly broken patterns that had become unhealthy. Any ties established in the last couple of years can now be deepened. You may have a small circle of intimates who now can walk with you through times of drastic change.

You’re a social creature, though, and at mid-year, your network of acquaintances widens. There’s a sense of variety that is a fresh wind in your life. Get ready for lots of meet ups, to compare notes and collaborate, and just to have fun. New friendships form, and some of them make it to your inner sanctum of close confidants.

Your medicine is being able to see beyond this world of the fixed 3D and established ways. And grok solutions or create art that pierces the illusion that this is how things are, and how they’ll always be. You’re by nature a radical, a wonderful word that means, “of the root.”

2012 is a year for sourcing from the root, both the original essence of Self, and the pulse of the ancient Earth. Both are changing in ways that are unprecedented. This is the Uranus-Pluto square, merging heaven and Earth. And as the Waterbearer, with an instinct for resonances that are outside usual understanding, you find astonishing ways to translate what’s happening. And to innovate and bring these realizations into a form others can understand. Trust your guidance, and keep the fires of purification going, to stay clear and open to your highest potential.

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