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Rid Yourself of Negative Thoughts


Whenever I feel a negative thought try to creep into my thought process, I flip the switch. I know what you’re thinking… it’s easy for me to say, right? Well, it can actually be as easy as flipping that switch in your mind. Negative thoughts are an actual poison. A negative thought can ruin your entire day and week and can even make you sick. So, instead of allowing those negative thoughts into our minds, let’s look at how we can flip the switch and turn our thoughts into positive healthy ones.First off, we all have a choice when we awaken each day. We can actually determine if our day will be a good one or a bad one.

Start off your day with a smile. Yes, it’s as easy as forcing yourself to smile and be happy that you are alive, awake and actuallyhave the ability to get out of bed. That is just the beginning. Consider developingan affirmation that you can see and repeat each morning. Mine is this: Today Ichoose to be a happy possessor of a grateful spirit. I can’t take full credit for thatthat affirmation it is one that I read in a fabulous book called The Traveler’s Gift.It’s a great affirmation and one that I try to follow each and everyday. Notice howI mentioned the word – ‘try’. Yes, we all have our bad days, but it’s how we handlethem that will determine if we will allow a ‘rotten situation’ ruin our entire day andweek.You may have experienced a situation at work that caused the negativethoughts to creep into your head. Perhaps you were assigned a project and at firstyou thought, I can definitely do this. But soon after, negative thoughts took over andmade you feel incompetent and worthless. Before you know it, you are sabotagingthe project even though you have the ability to complete this project.

Why does this happen? Perhaps we feel we are not worthy of praise? Perhaps we don’t think weare good enough? Or is it that we have heard it in our past and truly believed thenegative talk. Look – it is time to shut down that negative talk in your head. You areworthy and are a wonderful person! If you have to repeat that to yourself each andevery day and minute of each day, then do it! That is a perfect affirmation to starttoday!Some of the most intense negative thought processes are experienced byteens. Many will think their lives are not as good as some of their peers, are simplyunhappy or experience peer pressure that leads them to anger and depression.Many will say that they ‘hate their lives’ or that ‘they don’t want to live anymore’.While they may not truly mean those words, it is still a sign which requiresimmediate intervention. The thought can become a seed which can grow into the actitself.Do you find yourself running in circles? Are you busy taking care of thefamily? Are you busy multi-tasking into the late hours of the evening, neglecting yourself all along?

You’re not alone. Too often we get so involved in what needs toget accomplished that we put ourselves on hold.It’s no wonder with all that we do that we don’t find the time to relax ornurture our bodies, mind and spirit. This lack of time often leads to feelings offrustration, overwhelm and sense of imbalance. Below I share some tips that willhelp you make the time that is necessary to take care of YOU!

Meal times – these are the times where we tend to run in circles, instead let’s plan.If you have to prepare school lunches, consider preparing a week’s worth andfreeze them. For lunches, and dinners double your recipes and freeze half of thosecasseroles, soups and burgers for another meal. Plan your meals and get your familyinvolved.
Treat yourself – this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Meet a friend for coffee, join abook club, a craft club, etc. Consider doing something you’ve always dreamed of,such as skydiving, driving a race car or ballroom dance classes.
Schedule some time away with your significant other – this can simply be a lunchdate, or dinner date. Make arrangements for your children to be picked up fromschool or looked after so you can truly enjoy your time. A mere walk around thepark or going to see a movie will help you relax while spending important time withthe one you love. Try to also spend a weekend away together occasionally, after allto strengthen the relationship it is necessary to focus on our partners.

Organize quiet time at home – turn off the television or other distractions andsimply enjoy the peace. How about an at home spa treatment? This can be trulyenjoyable for you and if you have children, they will love it too. My kids love to giveus manicures and massages, even if they are not professionals. You’d be amazed atwhat some aromatherapy candles and soft music will do to ease your tension.

Go outside – sounds easy enough, right? You’d be amazed at how occupied we canget that we neglect to enjoy the fresh air. Try to get outside at least once a day, walkthe dog, or simply sit under a tree and enjoy the day. If you have children, take themto the park and enjoy their company. If you find yourself overwhelmed or that your life is out of control, or youplace others before yourself, it is time to create some time and space for yourself.Taking this necessary time not only allows you to renew your energy it will also helpin the healing and finding the peace your mind and spirit requires. Remember if youdon’t care yourself, then you will be completely useless to those who depend on you.Honoring yourself helps you to discover your truth, and experience a sense of peace,wholeness, purpose and balance.There is so much value in getting clear about what you need to function at your optimal level during that day.

Whether you have kids, a demanding job, or arejust “so busy” there always is time for what is important to you. So the question is,how important is feeling well to you?Your non-negotiables are unique to you. Begin by asking yourself thesequestions: What lifts you?This is the stuff that results in a lost sense of time. It could be meditation,yoga, reading fiction or memoirs, dancing, spending time with certain people,writing, volunteering, music or concerts. What movement feels good to you?Our bodies are meant to move. Try morning stretches, bundling up andwalking outdoors, dancing, yoga, taking a class, or even laying down. We arewired to seek pleasure, not pain. Why move the body in a way that you despise?Sometimes the antidote to feeling “stuck” is as simple as moving the body to getenergy flowing. Movement can be medicine. How do you prefer to unwind?Putting pajama pants on, making some tea, renting a TV series, sitting in asauna, stretching, turning off distractions. What signals relaxation for you? Howmuch rest do you need?This is important. For some people the difference between 6 hours a nightversus 7 hours a night can make a big difference for energy levels throughout theday. There is no textbook requirement really. Some people feel their best at 5 hoursevery night. For other it is closer to 8 or 9 hours. What style of eating feels good toyou?Do you like to eat meals prepared at home? Do feel well with 3 meals a dayor with snacks in between? Do you prefer one meal in solitude? Do you prefer to eatwith friends and family? Is there a certain dietary theory that really resonates withyou, gives you energy, and nourishes your body? How do you center yourself?Again meditation, some kind of spiritual practice, affirmations, conversationwith grounded people, sharing a long hug with your spouse or your sweetie, playingor performing music, focusing on your connection to the world around you throughnature or prayer, can all be deeply nourishing. What is your “breaking-point” as faras being productive goes?

Do you glaze over after 6pm? Are you most effective in the morning? Perhaps designating a time to turn your phone and computer off by a certain time can helpset healthy boundaries. What do you do that is strictly for the sake of pleasure andhaving fun?Things can get a little heavy when our serious side takes over. Think light.Who cracks you up? Are there blogs that you follow that bring a smile to your face?Playing with children, dancing in your living room, or allowing yourself to be agoofball are all just as nutritious as apples, kale, and quinoa.Now pick one thing you know helps you stay balanced. Don’t judge it. Go write in inyour planner for one week as a reminder. Then do it.Notice if your “non-negotiables” feel selfish to you. Chances are, they are not. Self-care is one of the first things to fly out the window, during times of busynessor stress. Remember, we are more effective when we schedule time for rest and relaxation. When we give ourselves time to rest, we actually look forward to beingproductive or socializing. When we run ourselves down, we are always lookingforward to rest. Where is your balance?The moral of this story is that you can certainly flip the switch. A negativethought can quickly be turned around into a positive reinforcement. It’s up to eachand every one of us to ensure that any hint of negativity is purged from our thoughtprocess. Avoiding this process from the very beginning will help you live happierand healthier lives. It all begins with a positive mental attitude. Success is achievedwith positivity and from positivity healthy relationships are cultivated. What willyou choose to do today? Remember we all have a choice, will you wake up with asmile or a frown? The choice is yours.

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